Breaking the Silence monthly tour of Hebron

Breaking the Silence run a tour of Hebron once a month.


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Pick-up location: 08.00 Tel-Aviv Arlozorov
Drop-off location: 16.00 Tel-Aviv Arlozorov

The tour leaves from the Tel Aviv Arlozorov (Savidor Center) Train Station, near the turnoff to Ayalon South.

Due to difficulties participants have had finding our meeting point in the past, please find detailed instructions below:

  1. When you stand with your back to the main entrance of the train station (make sure that you didn’t take the back exit that leads to Ramat Gan), turn left.
  2. Follow the curve of the sidewalk for about 50 meters.
  3. When you reach the highway entrance ramp for Ayalon south, cross the street.
  4. The bus will be parked across the street right next to the Ayalon South exit.

View the map here.

Hebron is the second largest city in the West Bank and the only Palestinian city with an Israeli settlement in the heart of it. The tour explores the harsh results of the principle of separation and the military presence in the city. 

The tour includes:

  • The gravesite of Baruch Goldstein in Kiryat Arba
  • Tomb of the Patriarchs square
  • The former Wholesale market
  • The Shuhada Street
  • The four Israeli settlements in Hebron
  • A visit with Palestinian non-violent activists in the neighborhood of Tel – Rumeida.
  • The new settlement point established 2014, variously called the House of Contention, the House of Peace/Rajabi House and the Brown House.

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