Campaign Success! Methodist Church revises investment policy

Sabeel-Kairos welcomes the resolution passed at Methodist Council last week calling for a revision to the existing investment policy in light of the changes on the ground in Israel and Palestine.

In 2019 and 2020, Methodist campaigners for justice and peace in Palestine and Israel put forward several memorials calling on the Methodist Church to revise its current investment policy with a stronger focus on screening out companies that profit from Israel’s occupation of Palestine. 

After declining the memorials in 2019 (see this briefing paper written after the event) the committee overseeing the 2020 Conference decided this time to defer them to Methodist Council for consideration.

We are delighted that last week, following the advice of a comprehensive report written regarding the situation in Palestine and Israel, the Methodist Council voted overwhelmingly in favour of calling on the Joint Advisory Committee on the Ethics of Investment (JACEI) to revise the existing policy, with a view to;


  • ensuring that companies operating in Israel can demonstrate how they will address the systemic challenges that come with the further integration of settlements into the legislative and economic
    fabric of the State of Israel.
  • encouraging companies to outline the due diligence that they exercise in this regard
  • responding to a request of the Methodist Council that, when a company is unwilling to refrain from operating in the Occupied Palestinian Territories (oPts), JACEI would, in most cases, advise exclusion from investment.

To read the full report and recommendations, please click here


We congratulate the campaigners who worked hard for this change, and stand in solidarity with the Methodist Church as it seeks to ensure that its finances uphold the principles of international law, human rights, and dignity in Israel and Palestine and beyond.

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