Christian Aid Report: Where is Palestine?

We welcome this comprehensive report from Christian Aid, which amongst other important issues, calls on UK Churches to support our Investing for Peace campaign.

Where is Palestine? A story of loss, inequality and failure packs the usual punch from leading development and humanitarian organisation Christian Aid.

Head of Middle East Policy and Advocacy William Bell asks the important question right from the start;

[The Palestinian-Israeli] relationship is strongly influenced by a significant imbalance of power and a culture of impunity. International governments have consistently failed to recognise the impact that this has had on any peace process, including Oslo, to deliver the self-determination and sovereignty that Palestinians were promised. Hence, we ask: where is Palestine?

As always, the analysis, driven by over 60 years of experience and partnership in the Middle East, is punctuated with real-life stories of Palestinians and Israelis that have been seeking justice and peace for decades. These include those living in Israel and the occupied Palestinian territories, but also those in the diaspora, and in particular the often-forgotten voice of Palestinian refugees.

The report highlights failings on all sides – it is critical of both the Israeli government and the Palestinian Authority – but of greatest significance is the criticism of the International community to protect and uphold equal rights for all. The need for the international community to support the ICC Investigation is listed as one of the leading recommendations for the UK Government alongside ending trade with settlements and formally recognising the State of Palestine.

The recommendations to UK Churches are the following:

  • Support the Investing for Peace Campaign. Churches should
    carefully review their investments and pension funds to
    ensure that (i) they do not invest directly or indirectly in
    firms that profit from occupation, including trade with
    Israeli settlements; (ii) that they are withdrawing
    investments from any company trading with illegal
  • Hold both Palestinians and Israelis as equals. Christians
    worldwide must listen to the voices of their brothers and
    sisters in IOPT and respond in ways that are neither divisive
    nor discriminatory. The church has a duty of responsibility
    to demonstrate principled impartiality. It should not take
    sides, other than that of justice or misuse theology to
    support any one group at the expense of another’s
    humanity. The church should demonstrate love towards
    both Israelis and Palestinians, support initiatives for a just
    peace and use its prophetic voice to help transform conflict.

You can download and read the full report here: ‘Where is Palestine? A story of loss, inequality and failure’ – report – Christian Aid

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