Free Mahmoud Nawajaa

Leading BDS activist Mahmoud Nawajaa was dragged from his home on 30th July at 3:30am. Israeli forces stormed his house, blindfolded him, handcuffed him and took him away from his wife and three young children. No charges or evidence of criminal activity have been presented against Mahmoud, yet he remains in administrative detention in Israel. Write to your MP today to demand his release!

Mahmoud Nawajaa is the General Coordinator of the Palestinian BDS National Committee and a long-standing human rights defender in Palestine. His arrest, and others like it by Israel are part of a strategy to silence and intimidate those seeking to expose human rights offences in Palestine and campaign against them.


The Palestine Solidarity Campaign have put together this campaign action for you to take – Write to your MP.


They have also written to the Foreign Secretary to ask him to put pressure on Israel to release Mahmoud. You can read that letter here


Please join us in campaigning for Mahmoud’s release by writing to your MP and sharing this information widely.

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