Home demolitions, Anata, West Bank, 25.01.2012

Arabiya Shawamreh and her husband Salim stand in front of the ruins of their house named “Beit Arabiya” (“Arabiya’s House”) that the Israeli authorities demolished on Monday night, January 23rd for the fifth time, in the West Bank city of Anata, Wednesday, January 25, 2012. Beit Arabiya is a home belonging to Arabiya Shawamreh, her husband Salim and their seven children, a Palestinian family whose home has been demolished four times by the Israeli authorities and rebuilt each time with the help of the Israeli committee against house demolition (ICAHD).before being demolished again last night. It was used for years as a community center. The same night, 7 other homes were demolished in Anata, living more than 60 Palestinians homeless.

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