Sabeel-Kairos Communities

Sabeel-Kairos Palestine is a cry of hope to the international Christian community to help end the occupation that deprives Palestinians of their rights, and condemns both Israelis and Palestinians to a distortion of their humanity. Sabeel-Kairos has been written in response to this to inspire people to action, individually and collectively.


We are inviting groups, organisations or congregations to sign up as ‘Sabeel-Kairos Communities’ to express their commitment to peace with justice for all in Israel/Palestine and to reflect their endorsement of the Sabeel-Kairos and Sabeel-Kairos Palestine documents.

Many of the communities who sign up will be local churches or groups from within churches, but we welcome other groups of all faiths or none to become involved.  Support and advice will be provided by our Advocacy Worker.


There are two levels at which you can become involved; 

Sabeel-Kairos Committed Communities will:

  • Support the ethos of the Sabeel-Kairos and Sabeel-Kairos Palestine documents and endorse them both.
  • Commit to communicating their contents to its members and/or those affiliated with the group.

Sabeel-Kairos Active communities will:

  • Already be Sabeel-Kairos committed communities (ie have read, endorsed and communicated the key documents to members)
  • Demonstrate their commitment through three specific actions in the first year, which will gain the status of Sabeel-Kairos Active and a certificate.
  • Take further actions and activities each year to maintain the Active status.



In order to become a Sabeel-Kairos community, groups will need to demonstrate their committment to a just peace for Palestine/Israel in a number of ways. Here are some further guidelines for those interested in becoming Committed or Active groups:


Sabeel-Kairos Committed:

This level of involvement means that your group endorses the content and vision of the Sabeel-Kairos and Sabeel-Kairos Palestine documents. Those applying on behalf of their community will:


  • Committed to a just and lasting peace for everyone in Israel/Palestine. Here are some ideas of ways you can do this.
  • Pray regularly for those in Israel and Palestine

Sabeel-Kairos Committed groups are encouraged to make contact with Sabeel-Kairos through the Advocacy Worker in order to engage in further learning or activity. The Advocacy Worker will be able to provide support and resources and link you to other Sabeel-Kairos communities.


Sabeel-Kairos Active:

A Sabeel-Kairos Committed Community can apply to become a Sabeel-Kairos Active Community by providing evidence that they have undertaken three activities that promote a just and lasting peace in Palestine and Israel and have educated and inspired their own (Sabeel-Kairos Committed) Community and beyond.

These activities may include (but are not confined to);


  • Raising awareness through events that encourage people to take action for a just peace. There are a list of local events here and resources to help you here.
  • Praying regularly for a just peace in Palestine and Israel.
  • Participating in the boycott of, divestment from and economic sanctions against everything produced by the occupation, including identifying relevant actions the local community can take and enabling them to do so. More information can be found here
  • Supporting the Palestinian economy. The most practical way we can do this is to buy Palestinian products here in the UK. Hadeel offers some excellent advice on how you can do this as an active Sabeel-Kairos community
  • Lobbying and actively engaging with political representatives by significant numbers of the group
  • Organising a visit to Israel/Palestine that includes visiting organisations working towards just peace (these should include Jewish Israeli groups, as well as Palestinian organisations). Helpful links and suggestions can be found here.
  • Fundraising for local, national or international organisations committed to a just peace in Palestine and Israel. More information on organisations to support can be found here or in the back of the Time for Action document.
  • Committing to prayer and action when emergencies or crises happen in Israel/Palestine.


Once registered as Sabeel-Kairos Active, your group will receive a certificate valid for two years. The certificate should be displayed prominently, if possible, as part of your commitment.

After the initial two years we look forward to renewing your Active status; to achieve this, we would need to see that you’ve engaged in at least one activity per year – we know that some groups will far exceed this, but recognise that for others doing one thing well can have really significant impact.


Help and getting connected

The Sabeel-Kairos Advocacy Worker will be able to assist you with your application, and link you to other Sabeel-Kairos Communities across the UK.

We welcome creativity and hope to make public some of the activities of ‘Sabeel-Kairos community’ groups in order to inspire others to action!

Sabeel-Kairos is the operating name of Friends of Sabeel UK (FOSUK) Ltd, Charity number 1116817, Company Number 5595112

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