Mohammad, 19

“I can bring home food now, and shop for my family”


Mohammad is a graduate of the NECC Vocational training centre in Shejaiya, from the metal and aluminium course. Following that, he was selected for the job creation programme and given a 6-month contract at a workshop which makes kitchen units. After the 6 months his employee was so impressed with his work and commitment that he gave him a permanent contract.


Mohammad Aldahdouh (19) is now employed full time in an aluminium workshop making kitchen units thanks to the NECC's job creation scheme which he participated in. Sabeel-Kairos/Charlotte Marshall


“My father works part time as a driver, but other than him I’m the only breadwinner in my family. There are 6 of us in my family, and thankfully this job is becoming permanent in December when the job creation scheme finishes. My employee has said they will keep me on and cover my salary.


I make and finish the aluminium units for kitchens. I finish and prepare them for installation, then I go and install them in the homes. 7 of us work here, the others are all out on jobs at the moment. This department is just for kitchens but there are other ones for bathrooms etc.


I trained for four years to learn how to do this, at the VTC and then two years practical training here. During that time I worked without a salary, just being paid expenses, transport and a meal.


I feel good working here. I enjoy it, and feel happy in my job. My self-esteem is high at the moment. My family are also finding it easier. I bring food home, and buy things in the supermarket.


Mohammad Aldahdouh 2 web


I would like to be a workshop owner one day, and I’m saving money for this, saving for the tools, instruments etc. I’ll need for my own workshop. I wished and hoped that I would be taken on as permanent staff here from the first day that I started training here. I wanted to prove straight away to my employer that I could take on responsibility and learn quickly.


I work from 7.30-18.00 each day. I spend time in the evening with friends at the beach. All my friends are unemployed, some are at university but most just don’t have jobs. I advise my friends to join the VTC and get trained in something. I found out about the VTC from one of my friends. I applied but wasn’t sure I would get in, and felt it could go either way. My family and friends are very pleased for me that I have this permanent job. I want a stable income, my own workshop, and then, inshallah, I might get married!”

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