New: Sabeel resource ‘This is where we stand: A Sabeel reflection on Antisemitism’

Our partner Sabeel have worked for several years to produce this excellent new resource on antisemitism. Find out more below.

Sabeel is a center for Palestinian liberation theology based in both occupied Palestine and Israel. Our aim is to stand with those who are on the margins of society, and to use theology to liberate those who are oppressed. Sabeel strives to free theology from those who would wish to use it as a weapon against others. We seek to understand our situation and our struggle in the light of the Christian faith.

Why then do we write about antisemitism? The answer is simple.

The foundations on which we struggle against Palestinian oppression are the same foundations on which we are committed to fighting against antisemitism. Furthermore, if it is wrong of the state of Israel to deny our full humanity, it is futile and unacceptable for us to do the same. There will be no peace in our land until all of us recognize the full humanity of all who live here – especially Palestinian refugees, forcibly exiled who wish to return and have been denied that right.

You can listen/watch the launch of Sabeel’s new resource here:

To buy a PDF copy of the book, please click here

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