Oppose the anti-boycott bill

Please click here to find out more information on how you can oppose the government’s undemocratic anti-boycott bill, which was tabled on Monday 19th June, and how we are working with others to challenge this.

Sabeel-Kairos UK, along with nearly 70 other civil society organisations – including national trade unions, charities, NGOs, faith, climate justice, and human rights groups – are calling on MPs to reject the government’s controversial anti-boycott bill, tabled today. In a joint statement, they pledge to fight the anti-boycott bill and warn that if passed, it will stifle a wide range of campaigns for justice, erode local democracy, and present a threat to freedom of expression.

Here are the main points you need to know:

  • The anti-boycott bill aims to prevent public bodies from deciding how to spend, invest and trade ethically, in line with international law and human rights. 68 civil society organisations state that the bill will stifle a wide range of campaigns for justice, erode local democracy, and present a threat to freedom of expression.
  • The bill singles out Israel and its occupation of Palestinian territory with a future-proofed immunity not afforded to any other state, preventing public bodies from ever being able to cut ties with illegal Israeli settlements and companies profiting from them.
  • If passed, it would be the first time a piece of British law requires Israel and the territories it illegally occupies to be treated in the same way, departing from decades of British foreign policy and international consensus on the illegality of settlements.
  • The introduction of this bill follows in the wake of other government legislation which is curbing the right to protest in significant ways.
  • A broad coalition of groups call on the UK government to immediately halt the bill, citing concerns over democratic rights of freedom of expression and to advocate for social and climate justice.
  • Similar anti-boycott legislation passed by 30 states in the USA has been used as a ‘template’ model legislation to target climate justice, gun control and abortion rights movements.

Oppose the bill: Sign the petition

The Palestine Solidarity Campaign has set up an e-action to help you oppose this bill. They are seeking 10,000 signatured immediately, before the bill has its second hearing in Parliament, so please sign and share!

SIGN THE PETITION: I oppose the anti-boycott bill (eaction.online)

If you would like to find out more about the coalition fighting this bill, please visit Right to Boycott | Protect the right to boycott

We will keep updating this webpage as we get more information in about the bill.

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