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Fair Trade Tours In Palestine 

If you want your journey in Palestine to make a real and lasting difference to both people and the planet, it all starts with a simple choice – where do I go?

BFTA-ATG Taste & See Alternative Fair Trade tour


We work with a variety of local artisans and are proud to support artisans who work with natural and traditional materials, especially olive tree wood, which is an important part of Palestinian heritage. For centuries, simple and beautiful items from Bethlehem have been treasured by visitors and pilgrims of all faiths. Today, these same cultural treasures symbolize a contemporary yearning for justice and peace in the Holy Land and offer unique examples of artistic excellence. We are also proud to support women artisans, who are a key part of the Palestinian economy, as well as handicapped artisans who, through their work, are able to participate fully in mainstream society and become self-dependent. 

In Palestine income is mostly generated by tourism and handicrafts, so the idea of combing these two was developed by BFTA in order to increase awareness of fair trade in our country and redistribute tourism income to marginalized producers & business (food, products, transportation, accommodation). 

we want to introduce visitors to the mesmerizing world of crafts by touring Palestine and Jerusalem in a unique one of a kind experience that allows them to meet artisans, eat fair trade authentic food, visit places that they won’t visit in an ordinary tour, touch raw materials in their hands and try the work of these artists and work along with them to create their own unique pieces to take home.


“Taste, See & Tell” – A Fair Trade Encounter Tour of Palestine 

In an amazing 8 nights 9 days knowledgeable journey to discover the beauty of Palestinian crafts and enjoy hidden sites, our trip is unique it includes many aspects; Fair trade, geographical, cultural and pilgrimage. Enjoy this amazing trip for the best prices.

Book now and enjoy the ride! 

To learn more about the program and get final quotes, please contact the BFTA office

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