Boycott AXA Campaign

Join the Boycott AXA campaign and take action here in the UK to divest from the occupation.


Write to the Cooperative Bank now and ask them to cease their partnership with AXA


AXA Key points:

  • AXA invests $7million in Israeli banks which operate in the illegal Settlements and which are on the UN database of companies profiting from the occupation.
  • These banks also provide finance and mortgages on the settlements aiding in settlement construction.
  • AXA own 1% of EHQ which invests $175 million in 5 Israeli banks doing business in the settlements as well as Elbit Systems, an arms company who profits from tested weapons in Gaza.

The Cooperative Bank

  • The cooperative Bank offers worldwide travel insurance to its 1.4 million customers using AXA as the insuring partner.
  • The cooperative Bank prides itself on being a customer-led ethical bank and has a strong ethical policy to screen customers, partners and investments.
  • The Cooperative produces a Values and Ethics Report, and they state that they have refused services on Human Rights Grounds as part of their screening.
  • The Cooperative Bank is an official partner of Amnesty International, which has just published the report Israel’s apartheid against Palestinians: Cruel system of domination and crime against humanity (1st February 2022) in which it states ‘Amnesty International has also concluded that the patterns of proscribed acts perpetuated by Israel both inside Israel and in the OPT form part of a systematic as well as widespread attack directed against the Palestinian population, and that the inhuman or inhumane acts committed within the context of this attack have been committed with the intention to maintain this system and amount to the crime against humanity of apartheid under both the Apartheid Convention and the Rome Statute.’


What can you do?


Write to the Chair and CEO of the Cooperative Bank and ask them to cease their partnership with AXA, bringing them in line with their ethical policy.  We have written a template for you to use to either post or email to Mr Bob Dench and Mr Nick Slape at the Cooperative Bank.




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