Current Situation



The Gaza Strip is in the grips of a humanitarian crisis. This crisis is man made and is getting worse. The 11 year blockade by Israel has cut the people of Gaza off from Palestine and from the rest of the world. Experts predict Gaza will become unlivable by 2020. (more…)


On average, an Israeli earns $30,000 a year whereas the average Palestinian earns a tenth of this, less than $3,000. 23.6% of Israelis live below the poverty line compared with 46% in the West Bank and 80% in the Gaza Strip. (more…)

The Christian Community

There has been a Christian community in the Holy Land since the very beginning of Christianity.  Although the conflict is often portrayed as a struggle against militant Islam, there is a minority Christian community who always have and continue to play an important role in Palestinian society.


The occupation

The Israeli occupation controls Palestinian movement (people and goods) through a network of checkpoints and obstacles such as roadblocks and roads reserved for settlers only.



Israel has a population of about 7.5 million, 20% of whom are Palestinian Arabs. There are about 4 million Palestinians living in what is known as the ‘Palestinian Territories’. This term includes the West Bank, East Jerusalem and the Gaza Strip. There are also an estimated 4-5 million Palestinian refugees living outside of Palestine/Israel. (more…)

Water resources

Palestinian domestic water supply averages 50 – 70 litres per capita per day (lpcd). The World Health Organisation recommends that minimum water supply be 100 lpcd to ensure good health and hygiene practices. Israeli domestic consumption averages 280 lpcd. In Tubas district (West Bank) average consumption for 48,000 Palestinians is 30 lpcd. In Beka’ot settlement (12km south of Tubas) residents consume around 401 lpcd.


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