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Christmas amidst massacres – Cornerstone, ed. 86

This issue of Cornerstone contains voices who attempt to understand the meaning and message of the nativity story by contextualizing its message to the Palestinian context. (more…)

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This issue of Cornerstone from our partner Sabeel Jerusalem reflects on the issue of apartheid. A must-read for anyone wanting to challenge themselves theologically about how scriptures have been used, and are being used now to justify apartheid practices.

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New edition of Cornerstone: Summer 2021

The  83rd edition of Sabeel’s Cornerstone publication highlights themes related to the Armenians of the Holy Land. Armenians have been in the country for centuries. Part of the local Armenians also came to the Levant as refugees around the year 1915. In this edition we hear testimonies of Armenians in Palestine-Israel and Lebanon.

We hear reflections on the conflicts, genocides, instability and migration by one of the many rich and diverse communities of the country. This moves on to reflections related to the future, including insights related to justice, pluralism, coexistence and peace.

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cornerstone-83.pdf (

Cornerstone, issue 82, Summer 2020

The way we face our challenges determines the probability of overcoming our problems and the potential of coming out as stronger individuals and communities. In this edition of Cornerstone, Sabeel, with the help of a number of writers, we reflect on human nature and how people react when they face a major problem.

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Cornerstone, Issue 81, Winter 2019/2020

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Cornerstone Magazine

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