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Listen again: Daoud Nassar on life under Israeli occupation.

If you missed a chance to hear Daoud live during his recent UK tour, we are pleased to offer you chance to listen again to two of his talks.  (more…)

Brian Brown’s new book ‘Apartheid South Africa! Apartheid Israel?’ released

We are delighted that leading theologian and long term anti-apartheid campaigner Revd Brian Brown has released his new book, which you can order now. (more…)

New book: Hope in Israel Palestine

We are delighted to bring you this new book by John Howard, who served at Mission Partner in Bethlehem for the Methodist Church, and was an ecumenical accompanier. His book brings stories of hope and looks at the prospects for peace in the Holy Land. (more…)

Christian Zionism and the restoration of Israel: How should we interpret the scriptures?

Colin Chapman has released his latest book, this time focusing on Christian Zionism. Find out how to order your copy here. (more…)

‘A Palestinian Theology of Liberation’ by Naim Stifan Ateek

The latest book by Revd Naim Ateek, founder of Sabeel in Jerusalem:

‘Addressing what many consider the world’s most controversial conflict, Naim Ateek offers a succinct primer on liberation theology in the context of the Palestinian struggle for freedom and self-determination.  (more…)

A collection of poems and cartoons

By Dutch artists Arie de Bruin (poems) and Len Munnik (cartoons)


Translated into English for your enjoyment and to raise awareness of the situation in Palestine.


Please download the booklet here:

Gotcha – Poems and Cartoons

Consequences: The Trial of Arthur James Balfour, by Warren R Bardsley

Warren Bardsley’s new book was released in early September, and is available for the price of £9.99


Please see this flyer for more details about the book.

Balfour flyer (1)


There is also a 3-act play script based on the book available for groups to use, with no charge or copyright.


To order a copy of either the book or play script, please contact 


All proceeds will go to Medical Aid for Palestinians.

From Balfour to Banksy- film documentary on the Balfour legacy

From the Balfour to Banksy website:

Britain’s Balfour Legacy: a Century of Discord and Division

Many, many Jews will feel joy in 2017 as they celebrate 100 years after the British declaration that led to the birth of their nation. 

This film will remember the other side of that narrative. (more…)

Censored UN Report Report on Israel

The UN has officially sanctioned and removed a recent report calling Israel an apartheid regime and urging governments to “support boycott, divestment and sanctions [BDS] activities’


The authors of the report have made it available for the public to download  despite the censorship. Read the full report here.

Centenary of the Balfour Declaration 2017

When Britain promised to give away Palestine

Members of Friends of Sabeel and Sabeel-Kairos have produced a flyer to mark the centenary of the Balfour Declaration, and raise awareness of the unfinished promises and commitments to the Palestinian population that were made in the letter, and the disastrous results of the declaration itself for the rights of the indigenous population. We would encourage you to download and print it yourselves, or to order hard copies please contact Friends of Sabeel on 


Open Bethlehem DVD now available for worldwide viewing

Click here to order yours now.


Songs from the Fifth Gospel – a new resource from Garth Hewitt

A new resource from Garth Hewitt – Songs from the Fifth Gospel, a double album of songs, prayers and stories about the land once known as ‘holy – for those on pilgrimage.


Whose Promised Land? The continuing conflict over Israel and Palestine

By Rev Colin Chapman


A fully revised and updated edition of a classic book on Israel and Palestine.


The conflict between Israel and the Palestinians has profoundly affected the Middle East for almost seventy years, and shows no sign of ending. With two peoples claiming the same piece of land for different reasons, it remains a huge political and humanitarian problem.Can it ever be resolved? If so, how?
These are the basic questions addressed in a new and substantially revised fifth edition of this highly acclaimed book.


Embrace the Middle East are promoting this book – click here for details.

Still Life: Tales from the West Bank.

Eye-witness stories of life in Palestine, told through song, story and images, by two former Ecumenical Accompaniers.


Sparrow Story: The Gospel for Today

A book by David Rhodes


What if Jesus lived today – in our violent world? In a region where there is military occupation, injustice and oppression? Where greed condemns people to live in virtual slavery and innocent lives are destroyed for the sake of power and ambition? “Sparrow Story” is a fast-moving and challenging presentation of the greatest story of all time – for people in our own age.


You can order this book online at Amazon – link here

Or visit the author’s own website: where you’ll find other stories on similar themes.

Films that show the reality of the situation in Palestine.

Sabeel-Kairos book launch: ‘It’s About Time’

We are delighted to announce that one of the founding members of Sabeel-Kairos, Warren Bardsley, has recently launched his new book, ‘It’s About Time: The (unfinished) Story of Sabeel-Kairos’


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Prayer and theology

Resources, ideas and links to prayer and theology resources on Israel/Palestine

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Cornerstone Magazine

Latest Edition of Cornerstone Magazine

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Reports, statements and articles

Featuring topical issues, stories from Palestine and more

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Trips to Palestine/Israel

“In order to understand our reality, we say to the Churches: Come and see.” – Sabeel-Kairos Palestine document

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Gaza voices

The Forgotten Crisis: Listening to voices from Gaza


Here are some stories of ordinary people living life under siege in Gaza, and actions you can take to bring about an end to the blockade.

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Useful links

Links to organisations involved in Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories

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