Make your Church HP-Free!

Friends of Sabeel North America (FOSNA) have started an excellent campaign to help Churches boycott Hewlett Packard and become ‘HP-Free’.


The technology created by Hewlett Packard denies Palestinians freedom of movement in the West Bank and Gaza. Hewlett-Packard sells the tools necessary for state repression: surveillance and population registration technologies. The biometric IDs, fingerprinting, and retinal scanning equipment and software developed by HP are critical to Israel’s ability to maintain segregation and apartheid.


Although this is an American campaign, many of the resources they are producing can be used here in the UK to help us achieve the same goals.


On their website is a presentation and notes to download that you can use in your Church, and also a full list of the other resources available from other organisations campaigning on this issue.


The Palestine Solidarity Campaign also has a full page dedicated to the Stop HP Campaign, so please visit there too.


FOSNA has started running Webinars on the campaign, which are free to join and available for anyone to be part of. We will post any future dates here on this page.

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