Meet Laura

Laura is a young international student worker who has learnt about the situation in Palestine through the work of Sabeel-Kairos UK.  What she heard inspired her to pray for an end of the Israeli occupation and for peace in Palestine. While she prayed she remembered and honoured the lost, whilst celebrating freedom to come.

Here she explains the symbolism of her painting: “Breakfast on the beach: hope for Palestine.”

  • The watermelon is a symbol of resistance.
  • The flower in the tear gas vase, remembering and honouring the lost.
  • The Palestinian Keffiyeh shows their intact identity and links with the original pattern from the fishing industry and I had John 1:12 on my mind whilst painting ‘ But to all who believed him and accepted him, he gave the right to become children of God.’
  • After decades of living in fear without rights or freedom I have painted a picture of hope for Palestine to enjoy their beaches and eat in peace with Jesus. 

Instagram @laura_joy_

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