Becoming a member of Sabeel-Kairos

By becoming an individual member of Sabeel-Kairos you are endorsing our call to action, and voicing your support and solidarity to the Sabeel Jerusalem and Kairos Palestine movements.

The membership fee is a minimum of £30 for the year.  

As a member you will receive;

  • A regular newsletter (via email), packed full of news from the region, campaign actions you can take, and information about the global Sabeel and Kairos movements
  • Information about trips to Palestine
  • The weekly Wave of Prayer
  • Cornerstone Magazine in the post
  • First refusal on tickets for the annual conference
  • A vote in the AGM

Critically, your membership fee and any additional donations you make support us to continue this important work.  

We ask all of our members to commit to the following principles:

  1. Justice, peace and security for all in Palestine and Israel.
  2. The principles of non-violence, anti-racism, and equality for all.
  3. Supporting and endorsing our partners in Palestine, Sabeel Jerusalem and Kairos Palestine.

You can also email us to find out what resources, information and support we can give you to spread the word about Sabeel-Kairos in your church, community or other place.

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Sabeel-Kairos is the operating name of Friends of Sabeel UK (FOSUK) Ltd, Charity number 1116817, Company Number 5595112

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