Places Available for Young Adult Conference in Palestine

We are delighted to announce that Sabeel is back to organizing their annual young adult conferences, after a pause from the pandemic, this year.


They are inviting young leaders ages 18-35 from around the world to join them and predominantly a group of young adult Palestinians in Jerusalem July 18th – July 27th, 2023 for a fun and meaningful young adult conference entitled “Time to Kumi- Time to Rise up”. We have some spaces reserved for young Christian activists from the UK! 

This conference will bring together various organizations who work on the ground for a just peace in Palestine and Israel. Individual organizations will take part of the program to illustrate their work and you will have a chance to meet, interact, question, and work alongside these organizations. Sabeel believes that, in order for work towards justice and peace to be effective, it needs to be a joint effort. Therefore, they have brought together the following organizations from a variety of backgrounds: Kairos Palestine, Bethlehem Bible College, Dar al-Kalima and Sabeel. Each organization will concentrate on a specific topic from cultural resistance to Christian Zionism.

The time will include visits to activists and peacemaking projects around Palestine, workshops, bible study, visits to Palestinian and Israeli communities, panel discussions, advocacy workshops, and cultural activities. It’s an alternative pilgrimage, spent building friendships with people who struggle for liberation and hearing their stories

The theme this year takes the lead from Sabeel’s Kumi Now initiative- Kumi Now means ‘rise up’ in Arabic, the gathering will explore how, alongside organizations from across the world, we can form a worldwide community of action to achieve a just peace in the land of the Holy One.

We will explore how Kumi Now works, it’s effects so far, and hear from some of the organizations involved in the first year of the project. In past projects Kumi Now has focused on women’s liberation in Palestine, restrictions on movements, rights of return, apartheid definitions, olive planting etc.,

Based on the principles of inclusivity, justice, and nonviolence, the conference will seek to develop on the work of the Kumi Now project and, with the help of various speakers, will begin to explore how this can be developed internationally, creating a Kumi Now Global initiative to sit alongside Kumi Now Palestine.

We are SO excited to join with both of our partners, Sabeel Jerusalem and Kairos Palestine in this energetic initiative. If you would like to join our Advocacy Officer (Under 35’s) Victoria in Palestine and would like to learn more about the details please do not hesitate to contact us on , and follow this link for more specific information and how to apply.

Sabeel-Kairos is the operating name of Friends of Sabeel UK (FOSUK) Ltd, Charity number 1116817, Company Number 5595112

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