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The Nakba at Home – 71 years of displacement.

By Phoebe Rison, Advocacy worker, Sabeel-Kairos


Correspondence in the Methodist Recorder on Palestine

In August 2017, the Revd Warren Bardsley published in the Methodist Recorder in support of the National Coalition of Christian Organisations in Palestine’s (NCCOP) letter to the World Council of Churches.  (more…)

Brian Brown: The Nakba

On Holocaust Memorial Day Jews invite us to share their commitment that never again will institutionalised hatred go unchallenged. On the 15 May Palestinians invite us to consider whether their present institutionalised suffering will continue forever? Nakba offers an opportunity to consider the magnitude of that suffering. (more…)

The Question of Antisemitism

The formal adoption of the IHRA’s definition of antisemitism by the UK Government has caused waves of controversy and debate amongst campaigners for justice in Palestine and Israel. To help you understand the issues and concerns, here is some reading on the topic, including the definition itself. (more…)

All for a day’s work – from the EAPPI Eyewitness Blog

Agricultural workers begin to gather in front of the padlocked metal gates of a rural checkpoint, some with tractors or donkeys with carts. An elderly shepherd arrives with a flock of sheep and goats. The animals obey the whistles and calls of their master, who skilfully keeps them in the lengthening queue.


Displaced once, twice and now three times. The plight of Palestinian refugees in Syria


More than 60 years after the establishment of Israel, there is no Arab-Israeli issue that remains as utterly divisive as the fate of Palestinian refugees. (more…)

EAPPI UK & Ireland June 2016 update

In the June 2016 update from EAPPI UK & Ireland there are six personal stories and photographs from the West Bank.  (more…)

Talk by Ilan Pappé

The Israeli Historian Ilan Pappé gave a fascinating talk at the Palestine Museum Centre in Bristol in December 2015. His insights are always worth listening to! The talk and a subsequent interview are available on four YouTube videos: Part 1  Part 2  Part 3

The one state/two state debate is irrelevant as Israel and the US consolidate Greater Israel

Noam Chomsky Mondoweiss, October 24, 2013
On July 13, former Shin Bet chief Yuval Diskin issued a dire warning to the government of Israel: either it will reach some kind of two-state settlement or there will be a “shift to a nearly inevitable outcome of the one remaining reality — a state ‘from the sea to the river’.”


On not abandoning Jews and Palestinians

The Rev Anna Karin Hammar, from our sister organisation the Church of Sweden has written a compelling essay on challenging the occupation and European antisemitism, and how we have a responsibility to not abandon but to stand in solidarity with Israelis and Palestinians.


The Kairotic times call for a global circle of prophets

A message delivered by Prof. Kim Yong-Bock at the prayer meeting of the Korean Christian Network for Peace in Palestine (KCNPP), at the Christian Building, Seoul, Korea, in May 2015.


In the history of politics of the people of God, King Ahab’s regime is identified as a paradigm of evil, as the extreme example of a king who was “more evil than all the kings before him” (1 Kings 16:30; 1 Kings 16:29 through 20:40). This is the background against which the prophetic movement of Elijah arose; and the prophetic movement of resistance against King Ahab was a prophetic paradigm for justice, peace and life together.


Talk by Rev Dr Mitri Raheb

Mitri Raheb is a Palestinian Christian, Pastor of the Evangelical Lutheran Christmas Church in Betlehem, and leading figure and board member of Kairos Palestine. He is an acclaimed Palestinian theologian with an impressive international reputation and has published multiple books on the subjects of justice, theology and Palestinian rights.


He spoke at the 5th Anniversary conference of Kairos Palestine in Dec 2014 on the subject of the Role of the Church. Here are his 7 key points, in 7 minutes: (more…)

Interview with Bissan Kassis

“My father was arrested when I was 6 years old. It would be the first time of many. My childhood ceased to exist. I realised my life was not in my control”


As Bissan Kassis tells me her story from an office in Beit Sahour, it’s hard to imagine that this confident, intelligent young woman, who’s English flows as easily as her Arabic, was once the young girl so affected by her father’s arrest. And yet hearing her story, it is an event that has not only shaped her personal life, but her professional one as well. (more…)

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