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Find out the latest news and successes in our Investing for Peace campaign

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Series on Intersectional Justice

A series that thinks about Solidarity between campaigns for Palestine and other justice campaigns across the world and how they are linked.

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Up-to-date news from Israel and Palestine

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Gaza: A Call to Action

Actions, statements, campaigns and news concerning the ongoing war on Gaza.

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About Sabeel-Kairos

Two stories with one aim: a Just Peace in the Holy Land

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BDS Overview

What is Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions, and does it help?

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Diary of events

Photo: Charlotte Marshall/Sabeel-Kairos

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Prayer and theology

Resources, ideas and links to prayer and theology resources on Israel/Palestine

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Kairos Palestine

An abridged version of the historic Kairos Palestine document issued in December 2009.

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Contrary to a popular misconception, the conflict in Palestine/Israel is neither hundreds of years old nor is it primarily religious. At the heart of it is a struggle for the control of land.

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Investing for Peace

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Sabeel Jerusalem

Sabeel Ecumenical Liberation Theology Center

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Current Situation

What is it like to live in Palestine today?

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Maps are crucial for understanding the conflict in Palestine/Israel.
Here are some important ones.

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Campaign: Right to Boycott

Campaign:  Right to Boycott

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Featuring topical issues, stories from Palestine and more

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Books, Study guides, photos, films, art and exhibitions to help you learn more and gain understanding.

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About us

A cry of hope in the absence of all hope.

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Campaign: A Cry for Hope

We cannot serve God while remaining silent about
the oppression of the Palestinians.

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Trips to Palestine/Israel

“In order to understand our reality, we say to the Churches: Come and see.” – Sabeel-Kairos Palestine document

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About Israel/Palestine

Not sure what all this is about?
Want to get to grips with the geography and facts on the ground?
Browse this introductory guide to Palestine/Israel.

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Young Advocates Forum

Welcome to our Young Advocates Forum! Please visit here if you are under 35 and interested in Israel/Palestine. Sign up to our network below to stay involved!

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Gaza voices

The Forgotten Crisis: Listening to voices from Gaza


Here are some stories of ordinary people living life under siege in Gaza, and actions you can take to bring about an end to the blockade.

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Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions

Find out more about the international BDS movement and how to boycott, divest and sanction against anything associated with Israel’s occupation.

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Useful links

Links to organisations involved in Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories

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Host an online cook-along for your local group and raise much needed funds that can make a real difference to the lives of Palestinians.

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Becoming a Sabeel-Kairos Community

What are Sabeel-Kairos Communities? How can we become one?

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Theology Group

The Sabeel-Kairos Theology groups meets regularly to research, discuss and take action regarding theological issues in Israel/Palestine. Find out more here.

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The Kairos Palestine Document is a call to action. Here are some resources to help you campaign, pray and advocate

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More ways to campaign here from partners and coalitions across the world

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    Cornerstone, Issue 81, Winter 2019/2020

    Our Cornerstone magazine is now available. You can download the magazine here


    Cornerstone Magazine

    Free Layan Nassir!

    Palestinian Christian Layan Nassir was first arrested in 2021 for being part of a progressive student university group that was designated ‘unlawful’ by Israel in 2020 in an attempt to suppress student activism and silence Palestinian demands for freedom. After several months in prison, Layan was released, only to be rearrested in April 2024. Find out how you can campaign for Layan’s release below.

    Open letter to the Archbishop of Canterbury

    Our Church of England denominational campaign group recently wrote this open letter to the Archbishop of Canterbury. It was submitted to the Church Times and later the Church of England newspaper but neither chose to publish it, so we are now making it publicly available. (more…)

    Sabeel-Kairos UK at Greenbelt!

    Planning is now well underway for the Sabeel-Kairos stall at this years Greenbelt.

    We are excited to be able to promote the great work that we are doing, especially in the current climate, and are looking forward to having the opportunity to meet and engage with people who will be at the festival.

    We have planned a small programme of activities which we are hoping will draw people into our stall, and are still looking for a few more volunteers to join our team; who are familiar with our work and might have a few hours to spare over the weekend to come and speak with people, serve Arabic tea or volunteer up their face painting skills.

    Please get in contact with Claire at if you are going to be at Greenbelt and could give a little bit of time to come and serve on the stall. We’d love to have you! 

    Sign up to receive our newsletters and the wave of prayer

    Would you like to hear more about our work with partners in Palestine, and our campaigns here in the UK? Sign up to receive our monthly newsletters and the Sabeel Wave of Prayer. (more…)

    About Sabeel-Kairos

    We are a campaigning Christian charity that works for human rights, justice and equality for Palestinians in partnership/solidarity with the Christian community in the Holy Land.

    We support, advocate and promote the work of Sabeel Jerusalem and Kairos Palestine, bringing Palestinian voices to the UK Churches to inform, challenge, develop understanding and bring about changes to minds and attitudes.

    We are a campaigning and theological resource for the UK Churches and the Christian community worldwide.


    Originally two separate organisations (Friends of Sabeel UK and Kairos Britain) that merged in 2017, Sabeel-Kairos is a membership organisation made up of individuals, churches and communities which stand in solidarity with the Palestinian people in partnership with, and by promoting and advocating on, the messages of Kairos Palestine and the Sabeel Ecumenical Liberation Theology Centre in Jerusalem.

    Through our commitment to these Palestinian grassroots Christian movements, we support Palestinian Liberation Theology and the Kairos Palestine 2009 document ‘A Moment of Truth’, as well as more recent calls including the Palestinian Cry for Hope (2020).

    We campaign and advocate for the right to non-violent resistance including Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions, Morally Responsible Investment, challenging the misuse of theology to oppress Palestinians, and praying for peace.

    We are proud to be part of the global Christian movement for peace in Israel and Palestine through the Global Kairos for Justice Network and the international Friends of Sabeel community.

    For all enquiries about us, please contact

    Fringe event at Church of England’s General Synod

    We are pleased to be partnering once again with Christian Aid and Embrace the Middle East to bring the voice of Palestinian Christians in the Church of England’s General Synod.


    The event will take place on Monday 9th July from 7:50am at York University where General Synod is being held.

    If you are a Member of Synod and will be there in July, please join us for this important event!
    We would also like to encourage all of our Church of England members and supporters to send the flyer to their Bishops and encourage them to attend the event. An invite can be downloaded here: GS flier July 2024

    Joint NGO statement on ICJ orders

    On 24 May 2024, the International Court of Justice (ICJ) ordered additional provisional measures regarding Israel’s alleged violations in Gaza of obligations under the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide. Together with other UK NGOs we issue this statement in response. (more…)

    Nakba Day – A Call for Global Action and Solidarity

    Our partner Kairos Palestine, together with the Global Kairos for Justice network, issues this statement and Global Call to Action on the 76th Anniversary of the ongoing Nakba. (more…)

    Rafah Statement – UK must stop the slaughter

    Joint statement released 7 May 2024.


    The UK Government has repeatedly asked Israel not to unleash a slaughter in Rafah, Gaza.


    Foreign Secretary, Lord Cameron is “very concerned about what is happening in Rafah” and knows “it is impossible to fight a war amongst all these people. There is nowhere for them to go.”

    Deputy Foreign Secretary, Andrew Mitchell thinks that “an Israeli incursion will struggle to be compliant with international law,”

    Middle East Minister, Lord Ahmad said that “the fighting must stop now, in order to get the hostages home.

    Meanwhile, the Prime Minister acknowledges that “Too many innocent civilians have died in Gaza,”

    David Cameron also asked Israel for a ‘Plan B’ for Rafah to ensure “people can achieve safety, get food, medicine and water, and that people are kept safe.” 


    They have been ignored by Israel  


    Yesterday, the Israeli military issued relocation orders to people sheltering in parts of Rafah, the first step towards a full-scale invasion that will most likely kill thousands of civilians. The area people are being directed to is already overstretched and lacks the capacity and resources to accommodate the number of people seeking refuge. The relocation orders lack guarantees of safety and the right to return, which risk violating humanitarian law. 


    In the last 12 hours, Israel has intensely bombed Rafah, including civilian homes and areas marked as safe. This morning, Israeli tanks entered the Rafah border crossing with Egypt, blocking completely the passage for people and humanitarian aid. 

    There are no safe spaces in Gaza. Israel has repeatedly attacked so-called ‘safe zones’, killing displaced people. Any claims from Israel that civilians can be safely relocated have lost credibility.  


    The failure of our leaders to back words with meaningful action is glaring. As the 1.4 million people in Rafah face attacks that our leaders know would be catastrophic, they must finally act to stop the slaughter.


    The UK must work urgently to stop any further assault on Rafah from going ahead, demand an immediate lasting ceasefire, resume funding to UNRWA, and suspend arms sales to Israel for as long as there is a risk they may be used to violate international humanitarian law.  

    A ceasefire is the only way to stop the death and destruction, get more aid to those who desperately need it, and safely release the hostages.


    There is no Plan B for the people in Rafah. 


    1. Action For Humanity  
    2. ActionAid UK  
    3. Amos Trust   
    4. Bond  
    5. CAFOD  
    6. Care International UK  
    7. Christian Aid  
    8. Council for Arab-British Understanding  
    9. Friends of the Earth England, Wales and Northern Ireland
    10. Gender Action for Peace and Security (GAPS)  
    11. Humanity & Inclusion
    12. Humanity First UK  
    13. International Rescue Committee UK
    14. Interpal  
    15. Islamic Relief UK  
    16. Lawyers for Palestinian Human Rights  
    17. Link Education International.
    18. Medical Aid for Palestinians (MAP)
    19. Mercy Corps Europe  
    20. Omega Research Foundation
    21. Oxfam GB  
    22. Peace Direct  
    23. Plan International UK  
    24. Quakers in Britain  
    25. Sabeel-Kairos UK  
    26. Save the Children UK  
    27. SCIAF
    28. SOS Children’s Villages UK  
    29. Trócaire  
    30. War on Want 
    31. Welfare Association

    Download the statement here: Rafah Statement May 7

    Resources for Lent/Easter 2024

    Give to our partner Kairos Palestine’s Easter Appeal, Pray for Gaza through the Stations of the Cross resources, join a Gaza ceasefire pilgrimage and other actions/resources for Lent/Easter. (more…)

    Global Christian Leaders call for permanent Gaza Ceasefire

    We are pleased to join over 140 Global Churches and Christian Organisations to issue this urgent letter during Holy Week, calling for a permanent ceasefire in Gaza and a halt of Arms sales to Israel. (more…)

    The UK Government must do more to prevent more death, destruction and degradation in Gaza

    21.03.24. Today we joined 28 other agencies to call on the UK Govt again to support a permanent ceasefire in Gaza, resume funding to UNRWA and insist on unfettered humanitarian access, and to suspend UK arms sales to Israel. (more…)

    Revd Munther Isaac calls us to action – support a ceasefire now

    On Monday, after addressing parliamentarians, Revd. Dr Munther Isaac issued this call to action in a candlelight vigil outside the Houses of Parliament. (more…)

    Famine is imminent: 1.1 million Palestinians experiencing catastrophic food insecurity

    18.03.24. Today the IPC released a report on famine levels in #Gaza. Over 70% of those living in northern Gaza and Gaza governorates were classed as being in phase 5 – catastrophe. The rest of the population, in southern Gaza, were classed as phase 4 – emergency.


    UK groups say UK government’s public position on weapons licences to Israel is at odds with what the government has admitted in litigation, and calls for an explanation.

    Sabeel-Kairos joins 7 other NGOs including War on Want, Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International to question the Government’s response to our letter on the sales and transfer of weapons licences to Israel. (more…)

    We are recruiting!

    Are you someone with a passion and commitment to the Palestinian people, who can organise events, mobilise people to campaign, and work with our partners in Palestine? If so you might be our new Events and Campaigns Officer! (more…)

    World Day of Prayer Service

    We were delighted to participate in the World Day of Prayer service for Palestine at the Salvation Army Church, Regents Street, on Friday 1st March. (more…)

    Revd Munther Isaac calls out Archbishop of Canterbury and Church of England – ‘They lack courage’

    In an interview with The Guardian Newspaper, Revd Munther Isaac revealed that plans to meet with Archbishop Welby had been cancelled because he spoke at a pro-Palestinian rally and shared a platform with Jeremy Corbyn. (more…)

    62 NGOs sign letter calling on MPs to support ceasefire motion

    On Wednesday 21st February MPs will face a crucial vote on supporting an immediate, permanent ceasefire in Gaza. We’ve joined 61 other NGOs calling for MPs to support this motion and halt the catastrophic loss of life and destruction of Gaza. (more…)

    A Call for Urgent Intervention by Kairos Palestine

    Stop the genocide in Rafah and the forcible displacement of the Palestinians! Call to action issued Feb 13th 2024.


    Christ under the Rubble: A Vigil for Gaza – with Revd Dr Munther Isaac

    Sunday 18th February, 2pm-4pm, at Bloomsbury Central Baptist Church, 235 Shaftesbury Ave, London, WC2H 8EP

    In partnership with Embrace the Middle East and Bloomsbury Central Baptist Church.

    Join us for a service of prayer, music, readings, poetry and silence.

    The service will begin with a 30-minute reflection by Revd Dr Munther Isaac, speaking about the current situation in Gaza and the West Bank and how the worldwide church should respond.


    Christians hope to make their presence felt in Gaza protests

    Sabeel-Kairos joined the first ever Christian Bloc at the National March for Palestine on Saturday 13th January. This write up which quotes us was in the Church Times. (more…)

    Christmas Appeal – Thank you!

    We are delighted to report that our Christmas Appeal raised over £10,000 for families suffering from hardship in the West Bank and Jerusalem. Read on for a special thank you from Omar Haramy, Director of Sabeel Jerusalem. (more…)

    Statements, Petitions, Campaigns and more

    Here you will find the joint statements we have signed, our own calls for a ceasefire, campaigns you can join, petitions you can sign and more.


    Christmas amidst massacres – Cornerstone, ed. 86

    This issue of Cornerstone contains voices who attempt to understand the meaning and message of the nativity story by contextualizing its message to the Palestinian context. (more…)

    ‘Christ under the rubble’

    Listen to Munther Isaac’s powerful sermon in the Liturgy of Lament service. (more…)

    Sabeel-Kairos joins War on Want and other NGOs to call for a halt in UK arms sales to Israel

    Join us and email your MP today to demand that the UK stops its complicity in Israel’s war crimes. (more…)

    Hope for Palestine – series finale

    Join us this Sunday 3rd December, at 7pm UK time for our Autumn series finale, featuring a panel debate, Q+A and Vigil for Palestine. (more…)

    Letters in the Church Times

    Well done to our Church of England campaign group who had two letters published in the Church Times on Friday 17th November, and Friday 22nd December. (more…)

    Kairos Palestine Christmas Alert

    In this 2023 Christmas Alert, Kairos Palestine points to the dire, tragic situation of the Palestinians in Gaza. It provides theological reflections and prayers to encourage deeper solidarity and more meaningful actions.


    You can read and download the alert here: Kairos Palestine Christmas Alert 2023

    Christian Organizations Demand Immediate Ceasefire in Gaza

    We have joined our partner Friends of Sabeel North America in conjunction with a diverse coalition of Christian voices who long for justice and peace in the Holy Land, to release the following statement in response to the horrifying loss of innocent life in Israel and the genocidal massacre, destruction and inhumane siege on civilians in Gaza. (more…)

    Eyes on the West Bank

    120 Palestinians have been killed in the West Bank since 7th October. Join us this Sunday to hear from Hamed Qawasmeh – founder and director of Hebron International Resource Network. (more…)

    Apartheid-Free Communities campaign

    We are delighted to have joined the international Apartheid-Free Communities campaign! Read on to find out about the campaign, how you can get your church/community involved, and the resources available to help you.


    The Apartheid-Free Communities Campaign was formed in the USA in 2022, and is gaining international momentum. The American coalition is convened by the American Friends Service Committee (AFSC) and originally consisted of interdenominational faith groups following the emerging consensus among the international human rights community that Israel’s treatment of the Palestinian people amounts to the Crime of Apartheid. The coalition has now grown to include over 154 committed faith-based groups, organisations, and solidarity movements, including several in the UK.

    Why are we joining this campaign?

    We have decided to join and endorse this campaign for several reasons:

    1.  We believe, as our partners in Palestine do, that the evidence that Israel is committing the crime of apartheid against the Palestinian people can no longer be ignored. Now is the time for international action and pressure to persuade Israel to comply with international law.
    2. This campaign focuses on mobilising civil society and faith groups, at the grassroots level, to take whatever action they can to disassociate themselves from Israeli apartheid. Sabeel-Kairos is a grassroots organisation, our strength is our members and churches that campaign within their denominations. We also have a network of regional groups and communities across the UK.
    3. Our main campaign, Investing for Peace, continues to be a priority for us. We see this campaign as completely complimentary to that campaign. Churches and communities that sign up to be Apartheid-Free communities will be encouraged to take action to ensure that their funds are not invested in companies profiting from Israeli apartheid.

    What does the campaign ask communities/congregations/faith groups to do?

    Learn: The international human rights community agrees: Israel’s treatment of the Palestinian people amounts to apartheid. Educate your communities about apartheid. Learn how it works, how it impacts Palestinian lives, and how it can be resisted. There are a wealth of resources here on the website: Resource – Apartheid-Free Communities

    Pledge: Join the network of apartheid-free communities around the world. By taking the Apartheid-Free Pledge your community is committing to resist racism and apartheid everywhere and withdrawing all support to Israeli apartheid. You can view the pledge here: Pledge – Apartheid-Free Communities

    Act: Live into the pledge and take action to stop apartheid. Join collective campaigns that ask institutions and corporations to step away from Israel’s violations of Palestinians rights. Find out more here: Actions – Apartheid-Free Communities

    Join the campaign!

    We would love to see many of our supporting churches and communities joining this campaign and making a commitment to being apartheid-free. You can do this straight away by signing the pledge, but we’d also love to work together with all communities, faith groups and others in the UK that are signing up, so let us know by emailing and someone will be in touch with you.

    Iona Community statement on Israel/Palestine

    The Iona Community have updated their statement from 2017, including reference to Israeli crimes of apartheid against Palestinians. (more…)

    New 4-part online series starting Sunday 3rd September!

    We are delighted to invite you to join us for our new online series focused on Hope, featuring some fantastic Palestinian speakers! (more…)

    Sabeel-Kairos 2023 AGM

    Calling all members!

    Join us online on Monday 11th September from 6.30-8pm for our annual general meeting. Featuring Rifat Kassis from Kairos Palestine, with updates from our work this year, and our ambitious plans for 2024. (more…)

    Jacob’s Blog 3

    Beit Sahour, Hebron & Bethlehem

    I’ve not posted for a couple of days because the signal has been sketchy or I’ve been too tired…

    The past few days have seen us visit Beit Sahour a town in the district of Bethlehem and Hebron, as well as today, the central city of Bethlehem again. (more…)

    Jacob’s Blog 2


    Yesterday was deeply challenging, and yet, I felt drawn so much closer to God. We visited Jerusalem and saw many of the historic religious sites from Al Aqsa Mosque, the Church of the Holy Sepulchre (the site of Jesus crucifixion and resurrection), the Stations of the Cross (the route Jesus walked), and the Western Wall where Jews gather to pray and be close to original site of the temple. All of this was deeply moving and I’ll write about it more another time. (more…)

    Jacob’s Blog 1

    The First Day

    A day of visiting the catholic site of the Shepherd’s Fields, the Church of the Nativity (the birth site of Christ), the old city streets of Bethlehem and the Centre for Palestinian Biodiversity and Nature. It’s not over yet either, this evening we have a talk from a Jonathan Kuttab. (more…)

    Oppose the anti-boycott bill

    Please click here to find out more information on how you can oppose the government’s undemocratic anti-boycott bill, which was tabled on Monday 19th June, and how we are working with others to challenge this. (more…)

    Listen again: Daoud Nassar on life under Israeli occupation.

    If you missed a chance to hear Daoud live during his recent UK tour, we are pleased to offer you chance to listen again to two of his talks.  (more…)

    New: Sabeel resource ‘This is where we stand: A Sabeel reflection on Antisemitism’

    Our partner Sabeel have worked for several years to produce this excellent new resource on antisemitism. Find out more below. (more…)


    We have a number of Brian Brown’s book, Apartheid South Africa! Apartheid Israel? for sale for £15 + postage.

    Please contact with your order. 


    We have the following T-shirts available for sale. (more…)

    Booklets, DVDs and Greetings cards

    As well as having several books for sale, we are also holding stocks of several booklets, DVDs and greetings cards. (more…)


    We have two beautiful Palestinian pictures to find good homes for. (more…)

    Joint statement: 75 years of Nakba: Time for the UK to stand up for Palestinian dignity, respect and justice

    Today, as a group of UK-based humanitarian, development, human rights and faith charities working for Palestinian human rights, wellbeing and dignity, we commemorate the 75th anniversary of what is known by Palestinians as the Nakba (the “catastrophe”) – and rededicate ourselves to bringing this relentless process to an end. (more…)

    Greenwashing Part 2: God of Empire or Jesus- the servant of the oikumene?

    The year 2023 has seen Ramadan, Easter, and Passover fall together, which only happens usually once every thirty years. The occasion has seen a heightened situation in Israel and the oPt, especially Jerusalem. The BBC News headline on April 5 2023 read, ‘Ramadan and Passover raise tensions at Jerusalem holy site.’ The headline makes it seem as if the religious festivals created the “tensions”. The situation in Israel and the oPt, we know, is not caused by believers practicing their religions. (more…)

    Places Available for Young Adult Conference in Palestine

    We are delighted to announce that Sabeel is back to organizing their annual young adult conferences, after a pause from the pandemic, this year.


    Global Kairos for Justice Europe issues statement of concern and call to action

    The GKJ Europe network has issued a letter to Church leaders regarding the recent surge in violent attacks against Christians and properties in Jerusalem and Israel. (more…)

    Take action: Write to the Minister of Foreign Affairs

    The European Coordination of Committees and Associations for Palestine (ECCP) has a great e-action tool we can all use to write to our Minister of Foreign Affairs (James Cleverly MP) calling on him to address the increasing violence towards Palestinians. (more…)

    Apply for Young Adults Conference- July 2023

    We’re super excited that you’re interested in coming to the Young Adults Conference/ alternative pilgrimage with us in Palestine. Here are some more details below.


    New: Don’t Buy Into Occupation release 2022 report

    The “Don’t Buy into Occupation” (DBIO) coalition is a joint project between 24 Palestinian, regional and European organisations based in Belgium, France, Ireland, the Netherlands, Norway, Spain and the United Kingdom (UK). The coalition aims to investigate and highlight the financial relationships between business enterprises involved in the illegal Israeli settlement enterprise in the Occupied Palestinian Territory (OPT) and European financial institutions (FIs). Their new report is now out. (more…)

    Subscribe to our newsletters and the wave of prayer

    We are delighted you want to hear more about our work and keep in touch. Please fill in the form below. Signing up to ‘General’ will mean you receive our monthly e-newsletters, which contain lots of information about our campaigns, advocacy work and news from our partners in Palestine. The wave of prayer is sent weekly on a Wednesday morning to enable you to join with our partner Sabeel Jerusalem and others around the world on a Thursday at noon to pray together for peace and justice. Both are free to receive, but please consider joining us as a member and supporting us financially so you can help us to continue our work!

    Sign up form:

    Student Christian Movement Magazine ‘Conscientization’ Covers Advocacy for Palestine

    The Student Christian Movement’s latest issue of their Movement Magazine, edited by our Advocacy Officer for Under 35’s, Victoria, introduced students to justice issues in Palestine.


    Our Work

    Sabeel-Kairos Successes from 2018-2022


    New: Apartheid webinars from Global Kairos for Justice Europe

    We are delighted to be part of this new series, highlighting the important reports issued in the last 2 years relating to Israel’s crimes of apartheid against Palestinians. Find out more below! (more…)

    Statement: Rev Dr Stephen Sizer

    Here is a statement from the Sabeel-Kairos UK Board of Trustees regarding Rev Dr Stephen Sizer. (more…)

    Right to Boycott Civil Society Statement

    The government is proposing an ‘anti-boycott bill’ that, if passed, could dramatically affect our ability to campaign for social and climate justice in the UK and around the world.


    Greenwashing- Part 1: Control of the Land

    A series about solidarity and intersectional justice.

    “Greenwashing is the practice used by Israeli apartheid to hide its crimes and violence under a fake narrative that presents the regime as if it cared about the environment.” (BDS 2022)


    Shadi Khoury: Update, write to your MP

    On Sunday 8th January Shadi Khoury will attend a hearing at a military court to decide the outcome of his arrest and detention last year. (more…)

    Methodist Conference commits to ‘deeper engagement’ with HSBC over human rights concerns

    This year’s Methodist Conference saw the issue of Israel/Palestine raised again in 3 separate memorials to the conference. (more…)

    Kairos Palestine: 13th Anniversary conference statement

    We were delighted to join our partner Kairos Palestine and members of the worldwide Global Kairos for Justice network in Bethlehem earlier this month for their 13th anniversary conference titled ‘The people, the Church, and resisting occupation’. (more…)

    Carlisle Diocese passes historic Cry for Hope motion

    5 November, 2021

    On Saturday 9th of October 60 members of the Church of England gathered together under the leadership of the Bishop of Carlisle, The Rt Revd James Newcome for their autumn Diocesan Synod meeting. Members included clergy and lay people. On their agenda was a motion passed by Solway Deanery, calling on the Church of England to be more proactive in its support and solidarity with Palestinian Christians. (more…)

    Annual Advocacy report 2021-22

    At our AGM on September 12th, we launched our 2021-22 annual report, outlining some of the successes, challenges and new opportunities taken up during September 2021 – September 2022. (more…)

    World Week for Peace in Palestine and Israel

    This year’s WWPPI takes place from the 15-22 September and the theme is Faith, Hope and Love in Action: Towards Justice in Israel Palestine.” (more…)

    Mr President – this is apartheid in Israel-Palestine

    Sabeel-Kairos member Mike Mineter writes on the question of Apartheid in the Pax Christi Scotland Newsletter, issue 24, July 2022. Reproduced with thanks. (more…)

    New Report by Kairos Palestine and Global Kairos for Justice

    A dossier on Israeli Apartheid: A Pressing Call to Churches Around the World

    We, members of Kairos Palestine and Global Kairos for Justice, have created a theological study for Christians and other civil society organizations who want to learn more about the crime of apartheid and why Palestinians and a growing number of churches and human rights organizations are using the word to describe Israel’s oppression of Palestinians. (more…)

    Read the latest issue of Cornerstone online now!

    This issue of Cornerstone from our partner Sabeel Jerusalem reflects on the issue of apartheid. A must-read for anyone wanting to challenge themselves theologically about how scriptures have been used, and are being used now to justify apartheid practices.

    To read the full online issue of Cornerstone please click here: Read More – Sabeel, Ecumenical Liberation Theology Center

    If you are a paying member of Sabeel-Kairos UK and have opted to receive a hard copy of Cornerstone this will be with you shortly in the post.

    Why a young advocates forum?


    In Israel/Palestine now it is the young people who are changing the narrative and revealing the truth about what is happening on the ground that does not often get into our mainstream news.  People like Atalya Ben Abba, an Israeli conscientious objector, who went to military prison for her refusal to join the Israeli army.  You can watch her incredible story ‘Objector’ here.

    Write to your MP – oppose the ‘anti-boycott bill’

    Protect our right to boycott


    The government’s plans to stop public bodies from deciding not to do business with companies abusing human rights, or our planet, are completely anti-democratic and a serious blow to our civil society. This gross over-reach is part of wider government attempts to limit our efforts to campaign for Palestinian rights as well as other campaigns for international solidarity, climate and social justice.


    Write to your MP here

    Boycotts, Divestment and Sanctions Bill

    In The Queen’s Speech on Tuesday 10th May, the government introduced the Boycotts, Divestment and Sanctions Bill.  This legislation would limit decisions around investments relating to climate change concerns, arms and human rights issues including the occupation of Palestine in a fundamentally un-democratic move.  The government has provided this information below;


    Introduction to the Sabeel-Kairos Theology Group

    The Sabeel-Kairos theology group was formed several years ago to address the many theological issues and challenges facing the Church worldwide when it comes to their engagement on Israel/Palestine, and to encourage Churches to fulfil their Gospel mandate, and stand in solidarity with those facing oppression and discrimination in Palestine and Israel.

    The group encompasses people from all denominations, and welcomes new members that share the goals of peace, justice, and equal rights for all those that live in the Holy Land.

    Prior to Covid, the group met twice a year in person, for one-day conferences when speakers were invited to present papers for discussion and debate. During 2019-2021 these meetings took place on-line, but we were delighted that in March 2022 the group met in person once more, for a 3-day residential at Gladstone Library in Chester.

    During this time they heard from many renowned speakers on the subject of Israel/Palestine, and looked specifically at the Palestinian Cry for Hope, and how we can bring this to the attention of the UK Churches, and the World Council of Churches at their Assembly in Aug/Sep 2022.

    As a result, this statement was released by the group, and endorsed by the Sabeel-Kairos Board of Trustees to be used as an advocacy tool: A Response to ‘Cry for Hope’: A Call to the Churches and the WCC Assembly 2022 | Sabeel-Kairos

    From 2018-22 the Theology Group was led by Revd Brian Brown, an influential anti-apartheid campaigner, author, and retired minister in the Methodist Church. You can find out more about Brian, including a look at his latest book, here: “Apartheid South Africa! Apartheid Israel?” by Brian J Brown ( We are very grateful to Brian for his inspirational leadership.

    In 2023 Revd. Nicholas Taylor became the new convenor of the theology group. Nicholas is a Biblical Scholar and an Anglican Priest, currently serving in the Scottish Episcopal Church. Nicholas has lived and worked in Swaziland, Zimbabwe, and South Africa, and spent 3 sabbaticals in Palestine/Israel. You can read his biography here: Nicholas Taylor introduction

    If you are interested in finding out more about the Theology group, or joining them, please contact Nicholas on

    A Response to ‘Cry for Hope’: A Call to the Churches and the WCC Assembly 2022

    Read and share our statement and call to the WCC Assembly in 2022 regarding the Palestinian Cry for Hope, in partnership with the Sabeel-Kairos Theology Group. (more…)

    Right to Boycott Civil Society Statement

    Civil Society Statement


    As a group of civil society organisations made up of trade unions, charities, NGOs, faith, climate justice, human rights, cultural, campaigning, and solidarity organisations, we advocate for the right of public bodies to decide not to purchase or procure from, or invest in companies involved in human rights abuse, abuse of workers’ rights, destruction of our planet, or any other harmful or illegal acts. We therefore oppose the government’s proposed law to stop public bodies from taking such actions. (more…)

    Becoming a member of Sabeel-Kairos

    By becoming an individual member of Sabeel-Kairos you are endorsing our call to action, and voicing your support and solidarity to the Sabeel Jerusalem and Kairos Palestine movements.

    The membership fee is a minimum of £30 for the year.  

    As a member you will receive;

    • A regular newsletter (via email), packed full of news from the region, campaign actions you can take, and information about the global Sabeel and Kairos movements
    • Information about trips to Palestine
    • The weekly Wave of Prayer
    • Cornerstone Magazine in the post
    • First refusal on tickets for the annual conference
    • A vote in the AGM

    Critically, your membership fee and any additional donations you make support us to continue this important work.  

    We ask all of our members to commit to the following principles:

    1. Justice, peace and security for all in Palestine and Israel.
    2. The principles of non-violence, anti-racism, and equality for all.
    3. Supporting and endorsing our partners in Palestine, Sabeel Jerusalem and Kairos Palestine.

    You can also email us to find out what resources, information and support we can give you to spread the word about Sabeel-Kairos in your church, community or other place.

    If you would like to read Time for Action please click here

    To sign up to become a member, click here

    To donate to Sabeel-Kairos and help further our work, please click here

    Boycott AXA Campaign

    Join the Boycott AXA campaign and take action here in the UK to divest from the occupation.


    Write to the Cooperative Bank now and ask them to cease their partnership with AXA


    Partners for Peace

    When you become a partner for peace, you will receive our email and postal mailings, including Sabeel Jerusalem’s quarterly magazine Cornerstone as well as having priority access and booking for our yearly conference and access to all of our resources and information.

    regular giving and our  partnership fees are one of our most important sources of income, and help us to plan what funds we have available each year for our campaigning and education activities and resources. Without regular givers we would not be able to run our successful Investing For Peace campaign![

    Become a Partner for Peace offline

    To become a member you will need to fill in our membership form, and pay a small yearly subscription fee. The membership form can be found below, or if you prefer to, download and print our Membership Leaflet and Form and return to:

    Sabeel-Kairos UK

    PO Box 18336


    B31 9FY


    Membership fees

    £30 a year

    £18 a year unwaged


    Standing Order

    Please download and fill in the standing order section of our Membership Form to set up a regular standing order. Please don’t forget to sign and date the form!


    Please address all cheques to Friends of Sabeel UK and send to the office address (above).

    Gift Aid

    If you donate online you will have the option of filling in a gift aid declaration. If you pay by others means and are eligible to claim gift aid then please fill in the gift aid declaration in the membership form and return to us at the address above.


    Israel/Palestine often feels like a huge topic which can overwhelm us and make us think: What is it all about? What can we do? Watch this animated introduction to Israel/Palestine produced by Jewish Voice for Peace.  The video talks about a worldwide movement of hundreds and thousands of people across the world who are working for a just peace in Israel/Palestine. By becoming a Sabeel-Kairos Partner for Peace you will be joining this worldwide movement.


    Christian Aid Report: Where is Palestine?

    We welcome this comprehensive report from Christian Aid, which amongst other important issues, calls on UK Churches to support our Investing for Peace campaign. (more…)

    Brian Brown’s new book ‘Apartheid South Africa! Apartheid Israel?’ released

    We are delighted that leading theologian and long term anti-apartheid campaigner Revd Brian Brown has released his new book, which you can order now. (more…)

    United Reformed Church adopts 10 resolutions on Israel/Palestine

    At their General Assembly last week the URC voted in favour of 10 resolutions, including a commitment not to knowingly invest in any company profiting from the occupation of Palestine. (more…)

    New edition of Cornerstone: Summer 2021

    The  83rd edition of Sabeel’s Cornerstone publication highlights themes related to the Armenians of the Holy Land. Armenians have been in the country for centuries. Part of the local Armenians also came to the Levant as refugees around the year 1915. In this edition we hear testimonies of Armenians in Palestine-Israel and Lebanon.

    We hear reflections on the conflicts, genocides, instability and migration by one of the many rich and diverse communities of the country. This moves on to reflections related to the future, including insights related to justice, pluralism, coexistence and peace.

    To read/download cornerstone, please click the link below

    cornerstone-83.pdf (

    New book: Hope in Israel Palestine

    We are delighted to bring you this new book by John Howard, who served at Mission Partner in Bethlehem for the Methodist Church, and was an ecumenical accompanier. His book brings stories of hope and looks at the prospects for peace in the Holy Land. (more…)

    Under 35? Visit our new webpages!

    We are delighted to have launched an under 35’s section on our website. Please visit here if you are under 35 and want to get involved in our Young Advocates Forum, and find out about events, stories and campaigns. (more…)

    Current issues/campaigns: Sheikh Jarrah and Silwan


    Young people like Muna El-Kurd, and her twin brother Mohammed, are helping to make known to the world the unjust treatment of Palestinians. Muna and Mohammed have an Israeli settler from the USA living in part of their house, and are threatened with eviction from their home.  Muna was arrested in June 2021 for peacefully protesting the theft of her home. Muna livestreams what is happening in the Sheikh Jarrah neighbourhood of Jerusalem, and has thousands of Instagram followers. It is the young people telling the stories that are starting to make the world sit up and listen.

    Chloe’s story

    Chloe has recently joined our Young Advocates Forum and our monthly prayer gathering. Ruth, our under 35’s officer interviewed her about her interest in Palestine, and how she came to know about Sabeel-Kairos.


    Meet Laura

    Laura is a young international student worker who has learnt about the situation in Palestine through the work of Sabeel-Kairos UK.  What she heard inspired her to pray for an end of the Israeli occupation and for peace in Palestine. While she prayed she remembered and honoured the lost, whilst celebrating freedom to come.

    Here she explains the symbolism of her painting: “Breakfast on the beach: hope for Palestine.”

    • The watermelon is a symbol of resistance.
    • The flower in the tear gas vase, remembering and honouring the lost.
    • The Palestinian Keffiyeh shows their intact identity and links with the original pattern from the fishing industry and I had John 1:12 on my mind whilst painting ‘ But to all who believed him and accepted him, he gave the right to become children of God.’
    • After decades of living in fear without rights or freedom I have painted a picture of hope for Palestine to enjoy their beaches and eat in peace with Jesus. 

    Instagram @laura_joy_

    Annabelle’s story: Developing a passion for justice in Israel/Palestine

    I am a Russian Christian who came to the UK to study in Leeds in 2018.

    The two churches I attended before in Russia were both charismatic churches (Evangelical family of churches). Both of them had many things in common. They both believed in the idea of success and compulsory prosperity of a modern Christian. Moreover, they promoted ideas of only spiritual healing (all sicknesses come from the Devil) and non-negotiable obedience to leaders, as well, as “worshipping” of them. (more…)

    How can you become a Partner for Peace?

    Subscribe to the Sabeel ‘Wave of Prayer’

    Receive regular updates from the ground in Palestine to inform your prayers.

    Give regularly to our work

    Regular donations large or small helps us to plan our work.  Can you give £5, £10, £15 a month or more? You can donate quickly and securly here online:

    Join our young advocates forum (zoom)

    If you are new to the topic of Israel/Palestine come and learn more and ask your questions.  If you are already involved, meet with other young advocates to encourage, inspire and pray for each other in our work for a just peace. Contact our under 35’s engagement officer, Ruth Thomas on for more information or to join.

    Connect with us!

    Please contact Ruth our Engagement Officer (under 35s) if you would like to become a Partner for Peace or have any questions about how to get involved!

    Please also find and follow us on twitter, instagram, and facebook

    Campaign Success! Methodist Church revises investment policy

    Sabeel-Kairos welcomes the resolution passed at Methodist Council last week calling for a revision to the existing investment policy in light of the changes on the ground in Israel and Palestine. (more…)

    Map of Sabeel-Kairos Communities in the UK

    Our Sabeel-Kairos communities are made up of churches, groups and communities and all endorse our values and goals.  Some of these communities are active groups who host events and others are simply supporting churches. Please get in touch to ask to be put in touch with a group in your area.  


    Sabeel-Kairos Community Map

    Methodist Conference commends Cry for Hope to Churches for prayerful study

    We are delighted to report that the Methodist Church, in response to several memorials submitted by our campaigners, have responded with some substantial actions they wish Churches to take in the coming year to promote justice, peace and equality for Palestinians. (more…)

    Christian Zionism and the restoration of Israel: How should we interpret the scriptures?

    Colin Chapman has released his latest book, this time focusing on Christian Zionism. Find out how to order your copy here. (more…)

    Sabeel-Kairos staff

    We have a small but dedicated staff team who are passionate about their work! Meet the team. (more…)

    Sabeel-Kairos community groups

    Here are our active Sabeel-Kairos community groups, usually covering a town/city/region. If you would like to find out more about a group, or join one, please email us on so we can put you in touch with the group.

    Beckminster Methodist Church Sabeel-Kairos Community


    Bristol Sabeel-Kairos Community

    Trinity-Henleaze United Reformed Church

    Crosby Sabeel-Kairos Community

    Crosby, Liverpool

    Contact Kathleen Zimak:

    Hexham Sabeel-Kairos Community

    Amos Trust

    Christian Aid

    UK charity fighting global poverty – Christian Aid

    War on Want

    War on Want

    Investing for Peace Campaign postcard

    Please find our campaign postcard here. You can download and print this, or order copies directly from us.


    How to host an online fundraiser

    If you would like to host an online fundraiser in your local group, community or parish we would love to hear from you.


    This is a great- and delicious- way to get your group back ‘together’ online, have some fun and stand in solidarity with Palestinians.  We run these session to support our campaign ‘Investing for Peace’.


    Please contact us at for more information.


    Cornerstone, issue 82, Summer 2020

    The way we face our challenges determines the probability of overcoming our problems and the potential of coming out as stronger individuals and communities. In this edition of Cornerstone, Sabeel, with the help of a number of writers, we reflect on human nature and how people react when they face a major problem.

    Please click on the following link to access the latest Cornerstone Issue:

    Coalition Stop AXA Assistance to Israeli Apartheid

    AXA profits from Israel’s oppression of Palestinians. The French insurance company, the second biggest insurance company in the world, is active in 57 countries and has over 108 million clients.


    Even though AXA has human rights and environment policies it invests $7 million in three Israeli banks named in the UN database of companies involved in business with Israel’s illegal settlement enterprise: Bank Leumi, Israeli Discount Bank and Mizrahi Tefahot Bank. These banks operate branches in illegal settlements in the occupied Palestinian and Syrian territory (Golan Heights), providing mortgage loans for settlers and financial services to settlements’ local authorities for building projects.


    These complicit banks also work as “accompanying partners” by ensuring that the bank provides the construction company with all of the main financial services until the completion of the project. Without these banks many of the illegal Israeli settlement projects would have difficulty being implemented.


    AXA also owns 9 % of Equitable holdings (EHQ), which invests 157 million dollars in 5 Israeli banks, Bank Hapoalim, Bank Leumi, First International Bank of Israel, Israel Discount Bank, and Mizrahi Tefahot Bank, as well as in Israel’s largest arms company, Elbit systems. Elbit is notorious for profiting from Israel’s siege on Gaza, “battle-testing” its killer drones, white phosphorus, sniper bullets and fighter jet parts, all deployed by the Israeli occupation army to murder or maim Palestinians. Elbit Systems’ Hermes 900 drones were among Israel’s drones that murdered 164 Palestinian children in Gaza in 2014.


    The Coalition “Stop AXA Assistance to Israeli Apartheid” campaign calls on individuals, organisations and institutions worldwide to boycott AXA until it ends its complicity with Israeli apartheid and human rights violations.
    Sign the pledge here.
    Until AXA ends its support for Israeli apartheid and human rights violations against Palestinians,


    I Pledge to boycott AXA by refusing to buy its insurance products.


    I Appeal to other individuals, businesses, sports teams, institutions and trade unions to end all business, sponsorship and insurance contracts with AXA.


    Link to the BDS page here:



    Sign the Petition: Cry for Hope

    To sign the petition, please click here.

    Cry for Hope Letter from Palestine

    Please find the full version of Cry for Hope from Palestine here:  cry-for-hope-english

    A Cry for Hope Movement Action: Write to Your Local Church

    If you were at our conference you will have seen the launch of our UK ‘Cry for Hope’ campaign in which we are writing to our local clergy to invite them to join a small and intimate online discussion with Palestinian Christian theologians to help deepen your understanding of what our Palestinian Christian family are facing in their daily lives and what you and your church can so to stand in solidarity with them here in the UK.


    Free Mahmoud Nawajaa

    Leading BDS activist Mahmoud Nawajaa was dragged from his home on 30th July at 3:30am. Israeli forces stormed his house, blindfolded him, handcuffed him and took him away from his wife and three young children. No charges or evidence of criminal activity have been presented against Mahmoud, yet he remains in administrative detention in Israel. Write to your MP today to demand his release! (more…)

    Leicester Sabeel-Kairos community

    Pax Christi UK

    Pax Christi UK

    The Episcopal Church (USA) adopts and implements an Investment Screen

    At their fall meeting in Montgomery, Ala. the Executive Council of The Episcopal Church adopted and implemented a human rights investment screen to respond to a 2018 General Convention resolution, which directs The Episcopal Church to “join with the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America’s action, CA 16.06.31, “Justice for the Holy Land Through Responsible Investment.”


    Fundraising resources

    We are delighted to announce the launch of our brand new fundraising resources, including recipe cards and invitations for a Palestinian Brunch and an Olive Oil tasting evening pack – courtesy of the Olive Tree Kitchen! Please download the resources you need from the list below or get in touch with us if you would like further support/ideas in running a fundraising event.

    Investing for Peace (Free Download)

    click below to download Investing for Peace for free




    The Gaza Strip is in the grips of a humanitarian crisis. This crisis is man made and is getting worse. The 11 year blockade by Israel has cut the people of Gaza off from Palestine and from the rest of the world. Experts predict Gaza will become unlivable by 2020. (more…)

    Kairos Palestine calls on Bundestag to reverse BDS decision


    The Nakba at Home – 71 years of displacement.

    By Phoebe Rison, Advocacy worker, Sabeel-Kairos


    Taste, See & Tell: BFTA Fair Trade Tours

    Fair Trade Tours In Palestine 

    If you want your journey in Palestine to make a real and lasting difference to both people and the planet, it all starts with a simple choice – where do I go?


    Partners in the campaign

    We are delighted to have several organisations partnering with us in this campaign.




    What are we asking Churches to do?

    This campaign asks the churches to do these four things


    What do our denominational campaign groups do?

    Click below to see what your Church’s view on morally responsible investment in Israel/Palestine is, and see what our Church activists are doing to challenge this.


    Join a denominational campaign group

    Our thriving denominational campaign groups are a welcoming and friendly space to share ideas, help one another raise awareness, strategise on how to impact our Churches, and generally support each other in our campaigning efforts! To join one, please fill in the form below.

      Thank you so much for filling in the form. Just hit SUBMIT, and you'll hear from us soon!

      Churches in America and MRI

      Churches in America have blazed a trail on Morally Responsible Investment and offer us, here in the UK, hope and inspiration that our churches could do the same.


      Sabeel Jerusalem


      To strive towards theological liberation through instilling the Christian faith in the daily lives of those who suffer under occupation, violence, injustice, and discrimination.


      Methodists Divest from Caterpillar citing Palestinian Evictions

      5th May 2021

      The Methodist Church has sold its shares in the US-based company Caterpillar, citing the continued use of its equipment to destroy peoples’ homes as part of the illegal occupation of the Palestinian territories, and its poor record in Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance. (more…)


      Please click here to see the FAQ.  If you wish to submit further questions please contact us.


      Become a member of Sabeel-Kairos

      Thank you so much for considering standing in solidarity with the Palestinian people by choosing to join Sabeel-Kairos.

      The benefits of membership

      -You will get access to all our events included in your membership fees: webinars, study series, Q & A’s with speakers from our partners in Palestine.

      -You will be able to access support from our staff in any campaigning and advocacy work for Palestine that you do amongst Christians/churches in the UK.  This includes being part of our UK wide network of Christian peacemakers for Palestine.

      -You will be helping us to fund and expand our advocacy work for a just peace in Palestine & Israel.

      -You will have the option of joining one of our denominational campaign and advocacy groups, which are supported by our staff.

      -You will be able to attend our AGM to get more in depth news about the charity’s work and use your voice by voting at our AGM.


      Yearly membership: The minimum cost is £30 a year – Please set up a yearly direct debit as this means that your membership will not lapse from year to year.  If this is not possible then please feel free to just pay for one year or get in touch with us if your circumstances mean you need a reduced rate .

      Regular giving membership: You can also be a member by giving a minimum monthly sum of £2.50.  If you can increase this to £5 /£10 or more this would be amazing!  Regular giving is our main source of income, and helps us to plan what funds we have available each year for our campaigning and advocacy work.

      Please fill in the membership form and then set up your membership payments below.

        Are you renewing an existing membership?


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        Other ways to give:

        If you would prefer to donate another way, such as setting up a standing order with your bank, or sending us a cheque, please contact our membership officer Ruth on .


        Sabeel-Kairos UK Board of Trustees

        We are delighted to have a dedicated, experienced and passionate board of Trustees guiding and supporting the work we undertake. Please find their short biographies below. (more…)

        Breaking the Silence monthly tour of Hebron

        Breaking the Silence run a tour of Hebron once a month.


        To sign up click here.


        ‘A Palestinian Theology of Liberation’ by Naim Stifan Ateek

        The latest book by Revd Naim Ateek, founder of Sabeel in Jerusalem:

        ‘Addressing what many consider the world’s most controversial conflict, Naim Ateek offers a succinct primer on liberation theology in the context of the Palestinian struggle for freedom and self-determination.  (more…)

        New: BDS Toolkit and videos from the US Campaign for Palestinian Rights

        Have you been wanting to start a BDS campaign? Or, are you a seasoned activist looking for a good resource to share with others? Is someone you know confused about what BDS is? These new resources are for you!  (more…)

        Scottish Palestinian Forum

        Scottish Palestinian Forum

        Lichfield Concern for Palestine Sabeel-Kairos Community

        Lichfield, Staffordshire

        A collection of poems and cartoons

        By Dutch artists Arie de Bruin (poems) and Len Munnik (cartoons)


        Translated into English for your enjoyment and to raise awareness of the situation in Palestine.


        Please download the booklet here:

        Gotcha – Poems and Cartoons

        Consequences: The Trial of Arthur James Balfour, by Warren R Bardsley

        Warren Bardsley’s new book was released in early September, and is available for the price of £9.99


        Please see this flyer for more details about the book.

        Balfour flyer (1)


        There is also a 3-act play script based on the book available for groups to use, with no charge or copyright.


        To order a copy of either the book or play script, please contact 


        All proceeds will go to Medical Aid for Palestinians.

        HSBC: Stop Arming Israel!

        HSBC is a major shareholder in companies selling weapons and military technology to Israel and also provides those companies with the loans they need to operate. Here’s the latest campaign action you can take (more…)

        Morally Responsible Investment in Israel and Palestine

        ‘Pursuing Justice’

        “Because they lead my people astray, saying ‘Peace’ when there is no peace, and because when a flimsy wall is built, they cover it with whitewash, therefore I tell those who cover it with whitewash that it is going to fall” Ezekiel 13:10-11


        Read our guide on morally responsible investment and find out more about how we are encouraging UK churches to engage in this.


        From Balfour to Banksy- film documentary on the Balfour legacy

        From the Balfour to Banksy website:

        Britain’s Balfour Legacy: a Century of Discord and Division

        Many, many Jews will feel joy in 2017 as they celebrate 100 years after the British declaration that led to the birth of their nation. 

        This film will remember the other side of that narrative. (more…)

        Red Card Israeli Racism

        Fight Israeli Racism through football

        The Israeli government violates international law. It discriminates against Palestinian Arabs through laws and actions involving ethnic cleansing, cultural genocide and collective punishment.  This discrimination is severe, widespread, and unrelenting. It is generally unrecognised.

        Palestinian footballers suffer their share. They are arbitrarily arrested and imprisoned without charge, cannot travel freely and cannot meet properly for games and training. (more…)

        Brian Brown: The Nakba

        On Holocaust Memorial Day Jews invite us to share their commitment that never again will institutionalised hatred go unchallenged. On the 15 May Palestinians invite us to consider whether their present institutionalised suffering will continue forever? Nakba offers an opportunity to consider the magnitude of that suffering. (more…)

        The Question of Antisemitism

        The formal adoption of the IHRA’s definition of antisemitism by the UK Government has caused waves of controversy and debate amongst campaigners for justice in Palestine and Israel. To help you understand the issues and concerns, here is some reading on the topic, including the definition itself. (more…)

        Censored UN Report Report on Israel

        The UN has officially sanctioned and removed a recent report calling Israel an apartheid regime and urging governments to “support boycott, divestment and sanctions [BDS] activities’


        The authors of the report have made it available for the public to download  despite the censorship. Read the full report here.

        Take action: Write to your MP about Israel’s travel ban on BDS supporters

        From The Palestine Solidarity Campaign: Last week, the Knesset passed a law to ban entry to those who advocate for the non-violent boycott, divestment and sanctions movement. (more…)

        North East Sabeel-Kairos community

        Set up in 2021 covering the North East region.

        Chair – John Howard.

        Make your Church HP-Free!

        HP-Free Church

        Friends of Sabeel North America (FOSNA) have started an excellent campaign to help Churches boycott Hewlett Packard and become ‘HP-Free’.


        The technology created by Hewlett Packard denies Palestinians freedom of movement in the West Bank and Gaza. Hewlett-Packard sells the tools necessary for state repression: surveillance and population registration technologies. The biometric IDs, fingerprinting, and retinal scanning equipment and software developed by HP are critical to Israel’s ability to maintain segregation and apartheid.


        Although this is an American campaign, many of the resources they are producing can be used here in the UK to help us achieve the same goals.


        On their website is a presentation and notes to download that you can use in your Church, and also a full list of the other resources available from other organisations campaigning on this issue.


        The Palestine Solidarity Campaign also has a full page dedicated to the Stop HP Campaign, so please visit there too.


        FOSNA has started running Webinars on the campaign, which are free to join and available for anyone to be part of. We will post any future dates here on this page.

        Centenary of the Balfour Declaration 2017

        When Britain promised to give away Palestine

        Members of Friends of Sabeel and Sabeel-Kairos have produced a flyer to mark the centenary of the Balfour Declaration, and raise awareness of the unfinished promises and commitments to the Palestinian population that were made in the letter, and the disastrous results of the declaration itself for the rights of the indigenous population. We would encourage you to download and print it yourselves, or to order hard copies please contact Friends of Sabeel on 


        Open Bethlehem DVD now available for worldwide viewing

        Click here to order yours now.


        Displaced once, twice and now three times. The plight of Palestinian refugees in Syria


        More than 60 years after the establishment of Israel, there is no Arab-Israeli issue that remains as utterly divisive as the fate of Palestinian refugees. (more…)

        Resource for those on pilgrimage

        Garth Hewitt has produced Songs from the Fifth Gospel, a double album of songs, prayers and stories about the land once known as ‘holy – for those on pilgrimage.


        Songs from the Fifth Gospel – a new resource from Garth Hewitt

        A new resource from Garth Hewitt – Songs from the Fifth Gospel, a double album of songs, prayers and stories about the land once known as ‘holy – for those on pilgrimage.


        North West Sabeel-Kairos community

        An umbrella group covering supporters and churches in the North West of England.

        Chair: John Logan

        Reading Sabeel-Kairos Community

        Kairos Reading Facebook page

        Occupation captured by Christian Peacemaker Teams

        Father Mario, Parish Priest

        Father Mario is from Brazil, but has been based in Gaza for the last 3 years. The Latin Parish serves the community through the Church and Pontifical Mission projects. These are projects that focus on not only the material needs of people in Gaza but the spiritual ones too. (more…)

        Mohammad, 19

        “I can bring home food now, and shop for my family”


        Mohammad is a graduate of the NECC Vocational training centre in Shejaiya, from the metal and aluminium course. Following that, he was selected for the job creation programme and given a 6-month contract at a workshop which makes kitchen units. After the 6 months his employee was so impressed with his work and commitment that he gave him a permanent contract. (more…)

        Areej, 16.

        *Areej lives in Shejaiya, and would like to study nursing when she leaves school. She speaks eloquently about how life in Gaza has changed since the last war, and how the sense of community and family is slowly being eroded by the siege. She was injured in the war and has received treatment from Al Ahli hospital. (more…)

        Yasmin, 12

        “I want to be a doctor – to help others as I have been helped”


        *Yasmin greets me with a shy but engaging smile. As a young girl living in Gaza she has endured more suffering than any 12 year old I’ve ever met, but an air of optimism and child-like joy still surround her. She starts by telling me that she loves school, and she’s currently missing her favourite subject, Arabic language. (more…)

        What is BDS? Haidar Eid Explains from Gaza

        The BDS campaign, a call from over 170 organizations in Palestine to the international community to boycott, divest and impose sanctions on Israeli and international companies that benefit from the oppression of Palestinians, now celebrates its 10 anniversary.


        Listen to Dr. Haidar Eid in an interview where he explains the demands that the BDS movement asks from the international community, its history and successes.



        Keep Hope Alive – Olive Tree campaign

        The Joint Advocacy Initiative (JAI) of the East Jerusalem YMCA and YWCA of Palestine invites interested volunteers to participate at the Olive Planting Program, 6th – 15th of February 2016 in Palestine, as part of its ongoing Olive Tree Campaign.


        The program, organized jointly with the Alternative Tourism Group, aims at helping farmers and their families plant / replant olive trees at their pre-attacked or threatened fields, in order to ‘Keep Hope Alive’.


        Besides olive planting, the program features introductory presentations about the current situation in Palestine and the effects of the Apartheid Wall and colonies (settlements), tours in the old city of Jerusalem, Hebron, Bethlehem, as well as Ramallah, in addition to cultural events and social gatherings.
        For more see

        Visit Palestine

        Visit Palestine offers a wide range of proposed itineraries. Depending on your interest, available time and budget, there are lots of tours to choose from. From day trips that can be organized specifically for your party, to regularly scheduled day tours to longer tours ranging from 3-7 nights.

        Travel Palestine

        The official Website for tourism in Palestine.


        Visitors to Palestine will encounter on their journey myriad religious, historical, and archaeological sites. Beyond the historical, Palestine offers walks and hikes in its extensive valleys, along coasts, as well as desert hills, towns, and ancient marketplaces at the hearts of cities and villages nestled in the heart of breath-taking landscapes.


        Olive Co-operative

        Olive Co-operative:  Tours, travel advice, Arabic courses, and listing a wide range of agencies offering tours.

        Joint Advocacy Initiative (JAI)

        A joint program of East Jerusalem YMCA and YWCA of Palestine, JAI works for Peace with Justice in Palestine, based on Humanitarian and Christian Values, by mobilizing the world movements of YMCA and YWCA, churches, church-based organizations, UN agencies, and other relevant organizations to influence decision-makers and prompt actions that contribute to end Israeli occupation and all its violations of International Law.


        Green Olive Tours

        Green Olive Tours is a social enterprise tour agency providing tours that are informative and analytical, covering the history, culture, and political geography of Palestine (West Bank) and Israel. The tours provide benefit to the indigenous population through the hiring and training of tour guides, overnight stays with families & small guest houses, and encouraging visitors to purchase local crafts directly from producers and Fair Trade outlets.


        Palestinian initiative for responsible tourism

        The Palestinian Initiative for Responsible Tourism (PIRT) is a network of organisations, associations and public bodies committed to advocate and work for responsible tourism in the Holy Land.


        Click here for a list of resources and groups.


        Israeli Committee Against House Demolition ( ICAHD)

        As Israelis, ICAHD believes that the only chance for a genuine peace is one that enables the Palestinians to experience sovereignty and full civil rights.

        ICAHD offers a range of half-day, day, and longer tours, also involvement in rebuilding Palestinian homes that have been demolished.

        Here is the information regarding half-day tours:

        Here is the information regarding extended study tours and the next rebuilding camp:


        St George Tours

        St George ToursThis new tour company, based in Beit Sahour, offers a wide range of both traditional and alternative trips in Palestine, including pilgrimages, bike tours, hiking tours and Learn Arabic visits. They encourage staying with local families, supporting local communities, and tailor trips to suit your needs. Visit their Facebook page for more information.

        Experience Travel Tours

        Experience Travel Tours  (ETT)   Join us and visit Palestine/Israel for a truly unforgettable and life-changing experience! Since 1999 ETT has continued to offer distinctive issue-based tours that enable participants from across the world to meet with outstanding organisations, sit with inspirational Palestinians and Israelis, and witness life in different geographical areas on both sides of the divide. (more…)

        Ecumenical Accompaniment Programme in Palestine and Israel (EAPPI)

        The Ecumenical Accompaniment Programme in Palestine and Israel (EAPPI) is a programme coordinated by the World Council of Churches founded in response to a call from the local Heads of Churches in Jerusalem that brings internationals to the West Bank. Since 2002, over 1,500 volunteers have come for 3 months to be Ecumenical Accompaniers (EAs).


        Get in touch if you are organising a trip

        If you are organising a trip which follows the code of conduct for tourism in the Holy Land and would like to advertise it on this page please contact

        Sabeel Jerusalem Witness Visits

        Sabeel Ecumenical Liberation Theology Center runs yearly witness visits to help you experience the reality of life in today’s Holy Land. Here are some of the activities that are part of the programme each year:

        • Worship with Palestinian Christians
        • Meet and reflect with Palestinian Christians and Muslims as well as with Jewish Israelis and internationals who partner with Sabeel in non-violent resistance against the violation of international and humanitarian law
        • Experience the realities of the Palestinian community living under Israeli Occupation: the Wall, settlements, checkpoints, confiscated land and demolished homes, refugee camps, and environmental degradation
        • Learn about the loss of civil and property rights of Arab Israeli citizens.


        Embrace the Middle East

        Embrace the Middle East: Embrace run Encounter Tours and also Olive Tree trips with the ATG. Visit for more information.


        Amos Trust tours

        Amos Trust tours aim to give an understanding of what life is like in the Holy Land today; meet local people; visit the historic and biblical sites; see the “facts on the ground” and experience Palestinian hospitality.


        Click here for more details.


        Code of Conduct for tourism in the Holy Land

        All the agencies listed below follow the Alternative Tourism Group Code of Conduct for tourism in the Holy Land and offer different kinds of opportunities to experience aspects of everyday life in Israel and the occupied Palestinian territories and to meet people on both sides of the conflict.


        Code of conduct for tourism in the Holy Land.

        Sheffield Sabeel-Kairos Community

        Jenny Richardson


        On average, an Israeli earns $30,000 a year whereas the average Palestinian earns a tenth of this, less than $3,000. 23.6% of Israelis live below the poverty line compared with 46% in the West Bank and 80% in the Gaza Strip. (more…)

        The Christian Community

        There has been a Christian community in the Holy Land since the very beginning of Christianity.  Although the conflict is often portrayed as a struggle against militant Islam, there is a minority Christian community who always have and continue to play an important role in Palestinian society.


        The occupation

        The Israeli occupation controls Palestinian movement (people and goods) through a network of checkpoints and obstacles such as roadblocks and roads reserved for settlers only.



        Israel has a population of about 7.5 million, 20% of whom are Palestinian Arabs. There are about 4 million Palestinians living in what is known as the ‘Palestinian Territories’. This term includes the West Bank, East Jerusalem and the Gaza Strip. There are also an estimated 4-5 million Palestinian refugees living outside of Palestine/Israel. (more…)

        Whose Promised Land? The continuing conflict over Israel and Palestine

        By Rev Colin Chapman


        A fully revised and updated edition of a classic book on Israel and Palestine.


        The conflict between Israel and the Palestinians has profoundly affected the Middle East for almost seventy years, and shows no sign of ending. With two peoples claiming the same piece of land for different reasons, it remains a huge political and humanitarian problem.Can it ever be resolved? If so, how?
        These are the basic questions addressed in a new and substantially revised fifth edition of this highly acclaimed book.


        Embrace the Middle East are promoting this book – click here for details.

        Still Life: Tales from the West Bank.

        Eye-witness stories of life in Palestine, told through song, story and images, by two former Ecumenical Accompaniers.


        War on Want: Stop arming Israel

        Stop arming Israel is a call for the UK Government to put in place a two-way arms embargo on Israel until it abides by international law. The recent war in Gaza would not be possible without the financial, military and diplomatic support from countries around the world, including the UK. The UK Government has continued to license arms exports to Israel, despite these almost certainly being used against Palestinian civilians.


        You can take action and ask our government to stop arming Israel


        Sparrow Story: The Gospel for Today

        A book by David Rhodes


        What if Jesus lived today – in our violent world? In a region where there is military occupation, injustice and oppression? Where greed condemns people to live in virtual slavery and innocent lives are destroyed for the sake of power and ambition? “Sparrow Story” is a fast-moving and challenging presentation of the greatest story of all time – for people in our own age.


        You can order this book online at Amazon – link here

        Or visit the author’s own website: where you’ll find other stories on similar themes.

        BDS Movement

        In 2005, Palestinian civil society issued a call for a campaign of boycotts, divestment and sanctions (BDS) against Israel until it complies with international law and Palestinian rights. A truly global movement against Israeli Apartheid is rapidly emerging in response to this call.


        Click here for more information.

        Films that show the reality of the situation in Palestine.

        Jews for Justice for Palestinians

        JEWS FOR JUSTICE FOR PALESTINIANS (JfJfP) is a network of Jews who are British or live in Britain, practising and secular, Zionist and not. We bring together Jews from across the religious and political spectrum and value contributions to the struggle for justice for Palestinians by Jews from every background, in Britain, Israel, and across the world

        Jewish Voice for Peace

        Jewish Voice for Peace is a diverse and democratic community of activists inspired by Jewish tradition to work together for peace, social justice, and human rights. We support the aspirations of Israelis and Palestinians for security and self-determination.


        Palestinian Solidarity Campaign

        The Palestine Solidarity Campaign works for peace & justice for Palestinians, in support of human rights & against all racism.


        Combatants for Peace

        We are a group of Palestinians and Israelis who have taken an active part in the cycle of violence in our region: Israeli soldiers serving in the IDF and Palestinians as combatants fighting to free their country, Palestine, from the Israeli occupation.


        Amos Trust

        The Amos Trust believes a just peace for Palestine means security and peace for Israel too.


        They partner with Palestinian and Israeli groups who are calling for an end to the occupation and who seek to promote community activism.

        Pax Christi

        The work of Pax Christi – the Peace of Christ – is based on the gospel and inspired by faith. Our vision is of a world where people can live in peace, without fear of violence in any form. Pax Christi is rooted in Catholic Christianity but is open to all who share its values and work.


        Embrace the Middle East

        Embrace the Middle East aims to improve the lives of vulnerable and disadvantaged people in the Middle East.
        They do this by partnering with local Christians who provide health, education and community development programmes to those in need – regardless of their faith or nationality.


        Click here for more information.  

        Christian Aid

        Click here to find out more about Christian Aid’s involvement in Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories.

        Sussex Sabeel-Kairos Community

        Tony Graham

        Sabeel-Kairos book launch: ‘It’s About Time’

        We are delighted to announce that one of the founding members of Sabeel-Kairos, Warren Bardsley, has recently launched his new book, ‘It’s About Time: The (unfinished) Story of Sabeel-Kairos’


        Swansea Sabeel-Kairos community

        Meets every first Friday of the month, 12:30pm, @St Mary’s Church in the city centre to share the wave of prayer, news, and updates.

        Led by Father Mark Griffiths, April Beynon, and Father Nigel Doyle.

        Email the Swansea S-K group:

        On not abandoning Jews and Palestinians

        The Rev Anna Karin Hammar, from our sister organisation the Church of Sweden has written a compelling essay on challenging the occupation and European antisemitism, and how we have a responsibility to not abandon but to stand in solidarity with Israelis and Palestinians.


        The Kairotic times call for a global circle of prophets

        A message delivered by Prof. Kim Yong-Bock at the prayer meeting of the Korean Christian Network for Peace in Palestine (KCNPP), at the Christian Building, Seoul, Korea, in May 2015.


        In the history of politics of the people of God, King Ahab’s regime is identified as a paradigm of evil, as the extreme example of a king who was “more evil than all the kings before him” (1 Kings 16:30; 1 Kings 16:29 through 20:40). This is the background against which the prophetic movement of Elijah arose; and the prophetic movement of resistance against King Ahab was a prophetic paradigm for justice, peace and life together.


        Trinity St Albans URC Sabeel-Kairos Community

        Nick Brown

        Website here.

        Talk by Rev Dr Mitri Raheb

        Mitri Raheb is a Palestinian Christian, Pastor of the Evangelical Lutheran Christmas Church in Betlehem, and leading figure and board member of Kairos Palestine. He is an acclaimed Palestinian theologian with an impressive international reputation and has published multiple books on the subjects of justice, theology and Palestinian rights.


        He spoke at the 5th Anniversary conference of Kairos Palestine in Dec 2014 on the subject of the Role of the Church. Here are his 7 key points, in 7 minutes: (more…)

        West Midlands Sabeel-Kairos community

        Covering the West Midlands region.

        Chair: Renate Wilkinson

        Interview with Bissan Kassis

        “My father was arrested when I was 6 years old. It would be the first time of many. My childhood ceased to exist. I realised my life was not in my control”


        As Bissan Kassis tells me her story from an office in Beit Sahour, it’s hard to imagine that this confident, intelligent young woman, who’s English flows as easily as her Arabic, was once the young girl so affected by her father’s arrest. And yet hearing her story, it is an event that has not only shaped her personal life, but her professional one as well. (more…)

        Wombourne & Springdale Methodist Churches’ Justice & Peace Group, Sabeel-Kairos Community

        Wolverhampton, West Midlands

        Website here.


        Hadeel – Palcrafts


        Fine foods from Palestine – Zaytoun

        Yorkshire Friends of Sabeel-Kairos


        Yorkshire Friends of S-K Facebook page

        Individual Churches and supporting groups

        As well as our Sabeel-Kairos communities we also have a number of individual Churches that have chosen to support us. If you would like to find out more about these, please contact us.

        Bristol Area Quaker Meeting

        Bromsgrove Justice and Peace

        St Peter’s Parish, Bromsgrove, Birmingham

        Website here.

        Bloomsbury Central Baptist Church, London

        Devon Area Quaker Meeting


        Holy Land Group Kings Heath

        Kings Heath Birmingham

        Peace & Justice in the Holy Land North East Group

        Sarum Concern for Israel/Palestine



        Sarum Concern for Israel/Palestine

        Middle East Evangelical Concern

        Middle East Evangelical Concern

        Living Stones of the Holy Land Trust

        Living Stones

        Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions

        ICAHD UK

        Iona Community

        The Iona Community

        Independent Catholic News

        Independent Catholic News

        Jews for Justice for Palestinians

        Jews for Justice for Palestinians

        Sandbach Methodist Church Justice and Peace Group


        Website here.

        Springdale Methodist Church

        Wolverhampton, West Midlands

        St Bride’s Church

        Percy Street, Liverpool

        Website here.

        St John the Evangelist

        Hedge End

        Website here.

        The Carrs Lane Lived Community


        Website here.



        Kairos Palestine film (with subtitles)

        The Kairos Palestine film marks the historic call for solidarity from the Palestinian church to end over 6 decades of occupation and oppression.



        Sabeel-Kairos Communities

        Across the UK we have a number of Sabeel-Kairos community groups. Some of these were founded as Friends of Sabeel Regional groups, others as Kairos Communities. All are grassroots movements, bringing together people locally that campaign, advocate and fundraise for a just peace in Palestine and Israel.

        Our Sabeel-Kairos groups are the beating heart of our movement. They are all unique, and operate in different ways, but are committed to;

        1. Justice, peace and security for all in Palestine and Israel.
        2. The principles of non-violence, anti-racism, and equality for all.
        3. Supporting and endorsing our partners in Palestine, Sabeel Jerusalem and Kairos Palestine.

        If you would like to consider starting up a Sabeel-Kairos community group, or joining an existing one, we would love to hear from you! Please contact us on to find out more. We offer some fantastic resources, including live or online cook-a-longs with our resident Palestinian Chef and advocacy worker Phoebe. Find out more about that here.


        Contact Us

          For questions and enquiries please contact or you can call us on 07835822728.

          We no longer have an office – our staff work remotely, but our mailing address is:

          Sabeel-Kairos UK

          PO Box 18336


          B31 9FY



          You can also follow us on twitter: @SabeelKairos

          And like us on Facebook: Sabeel-Kairos – seeking a just peace for Palestine

          BDS Overview

          What is Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions, and does it help?


          BDS is an international, non-violent means of resistance against Israel’s violations of international law and it’s ongoing illegal occupation of the Palestinian territories.


          The BDS call came from within Palestine, and since 2005 over 170 organisations have joined the movement, taking it from strength to strength. It is now endorsed by trade unions, student unions, faith groups, prominent writers/artists and solidarity movements from all over the world.



          Boycotts can take many forms, including cultural, academic and consumer initiatives. Focus for the UK boycott has been on trade with Israel, in particular with illegal Israeli settlements. Please visit the current campaigns page for the latest boycott action



          Divestment is the targeting of corporations that are complicit in the occupation – and therefore Israel’s violations of international law. This includes supporting the building, functioning and economic growth of the illegal settlements.

          War on Want has an excellent report entitled: Profiting From the Occupation, which lists several companies involved in this way.

          Many of the companies listed on our current campaigns page can be targeted for boycott and calls for divestment.



          Sanctions are political trade restrictions, put in place by one government to another, designed to put pressure on that government to change their actions.

          In this case, we are calling on our UK government to end its complicity with Israel’s violations against international by freezing or ending it’s economic and trade ties with Israel.


          Organisations that support BDS


          Here are some organisations that support the BDS campaign and provide information and resources about its current campaigns:


          Voices from Gaza: Photo Gallery


          Introductory guide/video

          Watch this introduction the Israeli-Palestinian conflict from Jewish Voice for Peace


          Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories


          From historic Palestine to today

          Map of Palestine

          West Bank – Settlements and Wall


          Click here to open PDF

          Changing Borders. Israel/Palestine borders since 1947 – Today


          Click here to open PDF

          Palestine UN Partition Plan 1947


          UN resolution 181 on the partition of Palestine, 1947

          Water resources

          Palestinian domestic water supply averages 50 – 70 litres per capita per day (lpcd). The World Health Organisation recommends that minimum water supply be 100 lpcd to ensure good health and hygiene practices. Israeli domestic consumption averages 280 lpcd. In Tubas district (West Bank) average consumption for 48,000 Palestinians is 30 lpcd. In Beka’ot settlement (12km south of Tubas) residents consume around 401 lpcd.



          Contrary to a popular misconception, the conflict in Palestine/Israel is neither hundreds of years old nor is it primarily religious. At the heart of it is a struggle for the control of land.


          Zionism, which emerged in nineteenth century Europe, is an ideology of Jewish nationalism. A key factor in the birth of the Zionist movement was anti-semetic persecution in Europe and Russia.


          But in choosing Palestine as the place for a Jewish state, the Zionists were on a collision course with Palestine’s Arab population (Muslim and Christian).


          In 1900, the population of Palestine was about 96% Arab, and 4% Jewish. In 1917, British Foreign Secretary Lord Balfour revealed that the British government supported “the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people”. The Palestinian Arabs – at that stage still over 90% of the population – were simply referred to as the “non-Jewish communities”.


          Jewish immigration into Palestine increased dramatically through the 1930s and ‘40s, as a result of intensifying persecution in Europe that culminated in the Nazi Holocaust.


          When the UN voted for Palestine to be partitioned in 1947, over half of the land was allotted to the proposed new Jewish state, even though Palestinians were over two thirds of the population and only 6% of Palestine was under Jewish ownership.  The Jewish leaders accepted the proposed plan but the Palestinians rejected it.  Britain, who had been controlling the territory, withdrew and war broke out between the Jewish forces and Arabs from within Palestine and the surrounding countries.


          In 1948, following military victory, the State of Israel was established.  Up to 90% of the Palestinians who would have been inside the new Jewish state’s borders were expelled. As many as 500 Palestinian towns and villages were destroyed. This is why Palestinians refer to the creation of Israel as the Nakba (‘catastrophe’ in Arabic).


          In 1967, during a war with the neighbouring Arab states, Israel conquered the West Bank and Gaza Strip, beginning its military rule of what became known as the Occupied Palestinian Territories (OPT).


          Soon after the occupation began, Israel began to expropriate land and create Jewish settlements. These settlements have been established and expanded, by successive Israeli governments, in breach of international law.


          In 1987, Palestinians under Israeli military occupation rose up in what became known as the First Intifada (literally, ‘shaking off’ in Arabic). Stone-throwing Palestinians confronted Israeli soldiers, while many communities adopted classic civil disobedience tactics.


          In 1993, the Oslo Peace Accords were signed, establishing the Palestinian Authority in small pockets of the OPT. The claim was that this would be an interim stage towards full Palestinian statehood, but by 2000 the Israeli settler population in the West Bank had grown by 50% (three times the population increase in Israel itself).


          At the end of September 2000, another Palestinian uprising began (the Second Intifada). It was triggered by the visit of Ariel Sharon and hundreds of security forces to the site of the al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem, one of the holiest places for Muslims.


          In the first 30 days of the Second Intifada, over 120 Palestinians were killed by Israel across the West Bank and Gaza, without one Palestinian attack inside Israel. The violence quickly escalated.


          Israeli forces inside the OPT invaded Palestinian towns and refugee camps, deploying tanks, helicopters and F-16s. Palestinian suicide bombers targeted buses and restaurants in Israeli cities. By the end of 2006, 4400 Palestinians had been killed, and around 1000 Israelis.


          In 2002, Israel began work on the Separation Wall in the OPT, officially calling it a security measure. However, the Wall’s route, looping around the West Bank and East Jerusalem to include significant Jewish settlements, suggested a land grab. The judges of the International Court of Justice agreed in July 2004 that the Wall is contrary to international law.

          Kairos Palestine

          The following is an approved, abridged version of the Kairos document, issued by Palestinian Christians in December 2009.
           We, a group of Christian Palestinians, after prayer, reflection and an exchange of opinion, cry out from within the suffering in our country under Israeli occupation, with a cry of hope in the absence of all hope.

          The reality on the ground is one of the Israeli occupation, and all that results from this situation: the dehumanizing effect of the Separation Wall; the effect of the Israeli settlements that ravage our land in the name of God and of force; humiliation at checkpoints; restrictions on religious liberty; and the suffering of Jerusalem where homes are being demolished or expropriated.

          There is also the reality of the refugees, waiting for their rights to be realised, as well as the Palestinians who are citizens of Israel waiting to enjoy equality.

          Young people, both Muslim and Christian, are emigrating in this absence of hope. The shrinking number of Christians is a dangerous consequence of the continued conflict.

          We believe that the Word of God is a living Word, casting a particular light on each period of history, manifesting to Christian believers what God is saying to us here and now.

          We know that certain theologians in the West try to attach a biblical legitimacy to the infringement of our rights. We declare that the Israeli occupation of Palestinian land is a sin against God and humanity because it deprives the Palestinians of their basic human rights.

          The mission of the Church is prophetic, to speak the Word of God courageously, honestly and lovingly in the local context and in the midst of daily events. We say that our option as Christians in the face of the Israeli occupation is to resist. But it is resistance with love as its logic. It is thus a creative resistance for it must find human ways that engage the humanity of the enemy.

          Our numbers are few but our message is great and important. Our land is in urgent need of love. Our love is a message to the Muslim and to the Jew, as well as to the world.

          Our word to the Churches of the world is firstly a word of gratitude for the solidarity you have shown toward us in word, deed and presence among us. It is also a call to repentance and to revisit fundamentalist theological positions that support certain unjust political options with regard to the Palestinian people.

          Our question to our brothers and sisters in the Churches today is: Are you able to help us get our freedom back? For this is the only way you can help the two peoples attain justice, peace, security and love. In order to understand our reality, we say to the Churches: Come and see. You will know the facts and the people of this land, Palestinians and Israelis alike.

          We condemn all forms of racism, whether religious or ethnic, including anti-Semitism and Islamophobia, and we call on you to condemn it and oppose it in all its manifestations. We call on you to take a position of truth with regards to Israel’s occupation of Palestinian land. We see boycott and divestment as non-violent tools for justice, peace and security for all.

          Our word to the international community is to stop the double-standards, and insist on the international resolutions regarding the Palestinian problem with regard to all parties.

          To Palestinians and Israelis: our appeal is to reach a common vision, built on equality and sharing, not on superiority, negation of the other or aggression, using the pretext of fear and security. Let the state be a state for all its citizens, with a vision constructed on respect for religion but also equality, justice, liberty and respect for pluralism and not on domination by a religion or a numerical majority.


          The complete text is available on the official Kairos Palestine website here.


          Photo: Ryan Rodrick Beiler

          All donations directly support:

          – Our core advocacy campaign Investing for Peace, which has already helped three UK denominations to change their investment policies to screen out and/or divest from companies that profit from the Israeli occupation.

          – Our work to promote Palestinian Liberation theology here in the UK through our partnership with Sabeel Jerusalem and Kairos Palestine.

          – Our distribution of the Sabeel ‘Weekly Wave of Prayer’ which resources a network of individuals and groups committed to praying for a just peace in Palestine.

          – Our partnerships with other organisations in the UK who we work with to promote the Boycott Divestment and Sanctions movement (BDS), including calls to end the arms trade with Israel.

          £10 a month can help build and develop grass roots campaigning in church denominations in the UK.


          £25 a month can help us help us put on events and webinar series which equip UK Christians in their advocacy for a just peace for Palestine.


          £50 a month can help us to raise Palestinian voices by bringing speakers in person to the UK to speak to clergy and policy-makers.


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